Saddle Up: Elke The Stallion

What’s the craziest reaction a rapper ever gave you on set after seeing your ass?

There was a story. I remember being on a set out in LA and I was a lead a girl, a feature. It was a long day, cold, I just wasn’t in a good mood and this rapper said something to somebody else about, Oh, I’m sure her ass is fake. That person came over and told me that and I went over to him and told him something to the effect of, If you want to tell me something, you don’t have to send your friend. Come over and tell me yourself. I was already on edge. I just walked off. It was already late at night. I don’t care if you’re a rapper or work 9-5.

That’s a rapper. Now, it’d really be a problem if a chick said something to you, right?

Yeah, it would. But I’m 5’7”, 180 pounds. I’m a thick chick, so people really don’t want to cross me the wrong way. So, I never really had issues.

What’s the craziest reaction your ass has gotten?

Reactions, I get when I usually walk by or on Twitter or Myspace. There’s people that have tattoos of me. people I don’t know. That to me is crazy. that’s commitment.

Are you single?

Yes I am.

What do you look for with a dude?

He’s got to have a job, he’s got to have drive. I don’t like lazy people who don’t want to better themselves. Someone who’s funny, who’s smart. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a basketball player. You just have to have ambition and a car [laughs].

Do you like the dudes in LA?

I’ve been living here for years and it hasn’t really happened with Cali guys. Guys from New York, East Coast guys, that’s more of my swag.

Why’s that?

The way they carry themselves, the way they treat women…it’s just different out there. [East Coast] guys are more aggressive, more forward. I like that. Cali guys are like bitches, they act like pussies. They want chicks to take them out. I’m not taking you out. You need to ask me on a date if you want to get together.

What’s next for you?

I have my own TV show in the works. I wrote the treatment for my own show. We’ll see.

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  • ra

    I’ll fuck this sexy bitch in her ass all day!!….

  • DC4Lyfe

    Her collagen makes her look like Evander Holylfield wore a glove made outta bee stingers and used her face for practice. I hate plastic surgery.

  • Dashboard


  • chris

    lol sometimes I think niggas dont realize stallions are male horses, shes good looking though

  • Mason357

    Nah i aint feeling it..some pics look good and others look consistancy..she betta watch out b4 she end up like Pinky..just fat.

  • Shelz

    28 inch waist….LOL! You wish!! She need to work out…already lookin’ fat!

  • Mason357

    Yeah Shelz I agree, there is NO way she got a 28 inch waist. she need to hit the gym…this aint attractive at all…5’7 and 180..with no muscle tone is fat. hell of a good job of photoshop tho!

  • derer jones

    ill fuck her till she bleeds too..or till i bleed one…no mercy on this thick ass stallion

  • ItalianJob

    “East Coats guys are more aggressive, more forward, I like the way they treat women”

    Some females will never change. Then they wonder how their friends are all married and they are just booty calls

  • Tre’ Fluency

    I would enjoy httin’ that, real talk

  • AussiGal

    I know for a fact that Elke is married, sorry ItalianJob… she just stated that she likes east coast guys better. I wish I was 5.7 with her body, I am short and what you guys call over weight, maybe you guys just really dont know what fat is. And if she is so fat and ugly, then why has she been modeling for this long and get magazine features and work? Just being so negative, horrible.

    • Bigplay

      After reading all the posts. She has more lovers than haters which is a good thing. Everybody is not going 2 like you, so fucc them.

  • http://XXL brianne walker

    I think ur hot, fuck them hoez. i’d fuck you if you want

  • Rozell

    I’ll get behind her on that horse and do her horse style have her talk like mr. Ed………..LOL

  • http://n/a neal

    this girl has a lot of booty wow love it smoking hot