Born and raised in Germany, but a Los Angeles resident for years, Elke Madler has an ass so distinct, it birthed her nickname: Elke The Stallion. Here, Elke talks all about her thoroughbred of a bumper, her first video with OutKast, chicks with ass implants and why LA dudes just don't do it for her. Saddle up, patna!

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XXL: What are your exact measurements?

Elke The Stallion: All of my measurements or just my butt [laughs]?

You can say all...and then your ass.

It’s 38-28-48.

Forty-eight…I mean. You definitely been asked this before and we ask with all due respect, is that thing real?

Yes, it is.

What do you think about chicks who artificially enhance their ass?

I don’t mind it as long as it looks good on your body, it enhances your overall look. I don’t like when girls go overboard and you could obviously tell it’s not real and they still claim that it is. I don’t like when people get breast implants, but want to hate on people with injected butts. They’re both the same –enhanced. I don’t knock nobody.

Do you feel great knowing you don’t need to do that, though?

Yeah, but I might need something else when I get older and if I do, I’m going to go and get it done. I don’t think anybody should judge what I do to my body.

So you’re 100% German?

As far as I know, yes. I don’t know, maybe the milkman stopped by [giggles]. My mom is German, my dad is like 90% German.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but descrbe your name and how you got it.

Well, Elke is my name. It’s an old German name and it means, “The Noble.” The Stallion is…when I was on set for the videos and stuff, people would always call me that because I was always the tallest girl and the thickest girl. Not just thick, but muscular. People would be like, You built like a stallion, you built like a stallion, so I trademarked the name, I paid for it and it’s mine.

Did a rapper say that to you first?

I don’t remember, but I remember it was on the first job I did…for OutKast. The “I Like The Way You Move” video…that was my first job ever, so that’s where it started.

That’s an incredible video with a legendary group to get started with. What do you remember from it?

It was crazy because I was called and asked to be on set within the next hour. I was like, Ohhk. I just jumped in the shower and rushed to bed and it was cool. It was a long day, but a cool set and everybody was professional, so it was great.

You’re obviously known for your curves and that backside, but what do you think sets you apart from other chicks out there?

Well, when I first started in ’05, there were no White girls out there. There was Gloria Velez, Melyssa Ford. There was Coco, but at the time, she was only Ice-T’s wife, not a video vixen. So, that’s how I started and it’s 2011 and I’m still here. I think it’s just because I work 10 times harder than a lot of these other girls out here. There’s so many video vixens, Internet models, wannabe models, booty models and I’m still on top of my game. I don’t feel like I have competition out there.

Are there curvy chicks out there that you like what they're doing?

I respect models out there that work hard out there like me. I don’t respect that girls that do it through negative publicity such as Kat Stacks. She might have a lot of fans or whatever, but that’s not the way I do things. It might work for her. It doesn’t work for me. I believe in God, I believe in Karma and I believe that shit always comes back to bite you in the ass. Who I think are great models as far as models-wise is definitely Melyssa Ford. She’s gorgeous and she’s a lady, she’s always been classy and she’s never sold her soul to the devil. I like women like that…women with a backbone. I like Rosa Acosta. She’s doing her thing, she’s beautiful, she’s friendly, not stuck up. They don’t get their heads blown up by being famous.