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Photography courtesy of James Williams and Alonzo Eubank

REPS: Raleigh, NC


CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Everything I’ve done, big or little, has been a highlight in my career because each situation has taken me a step further in the industry. So, I’m definitely thankful for everything I’ve accomplished. But being published in DonDiva magazine was one of my major highlights because it was my first print magazine.”

FAVORITE ARTIST “T.I. is my favorite rapper. Although I can’t relate to everything he says, I definitely feel the things he raps about. I think he is very talented lyrically, and I love his swag!”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Lil Kim’s ‘No Matter What They Say.’ I love all the different looks she had and all the different scenes in the video.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I would love to work with Hype Williams because I think his work is outstanding. I would like to be the lead in a video with Jay-Z, Diddy, T.I., [Lil] Wayne, Chris Brown, Kanye West and more. I had to list a few – I couldn’t just list one. I selected them because they’re all at that the top in the industry, as well as very talented. They’re some of the best artists in the game.”

SEX APPEAL: “My overall look makes me sexy. But what stands out, to me, the most is my skin. My complexion attracts a lot of attention and stands out from others. Of course, most people would probably say something about my body. But in my opinion, my skin is my best asset.”

TURN-ON: “I have many fantasies, but one would be being watched while having sex. What turns me on with a man is when he takes the time to get to know me sexually and how to please me. I hate it when men use the same approach for every woman. We don’t all like the same things. So pay attention, and get to know me and what I like.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @mz_enjoli

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