Kim Kardashian Defeats Amber Rose in Ultimate Ass-Off!

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    It was a concept thought up by Hot 97 morning show co-host Peter Rosenberg last week. What happens if you put Kim Kardashian up against Amber Rose in an ass-off? Well, <i>XXL</i> took Rosenberg's prompt and ran with it, officially creating the Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian Ultimate Ass-Off with a poll, giving the public the power to choose the winner. After a week of looking at backshots of Amber and Kim and nearly 4,000 votes, the results are in. And the winner of the inaugural <i>XXL</i> Amber Rose vs. Kim Kardashian Ultimate Ass-Off is...Kim Kardashian. Amber's bumper put up a good fight, but Kim's rump won in a 64% to 36% landslide. <i>XXL</i> salutes Kim K and her cakes. An <i>ass</i>tounding job. Here, we bring back the gallery for an encore. Enjoy.
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    September: 24, 2010: Kim Kardashian and best friend Lala Vasquez (not pictured) arrive together in Kim's Rolls Royce for a ladies' night out in Los Angeles, California.Credit: Ref: infusla-169
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    i dunnoo, im still going with Amber’s thickness feelme? ay do me a favor tho, click on my name and BUMP MY shiiiit, thanks homies.

  • Tiago

    Fuck that photoshop ass. Go to hell bitch.:D

  • JahiSalaam


  • judasbarronx1

    Well, Amber’s DOES look a lil better to me bit Kim’s face is WAY sexier. I have no problem with her winning.

  • StopHatin

    The fuck these niggaz mad for?
    Kim is the best.

  • bulu singh

    aacha hai

  • capricorn6822

    After I f%$# both of them, then I’ll decide. Both are fine as hell.

  • Dripable

    You couldnt be more precise!!