Tiffany Turner may have a body to die for, and eyes that will make any man fall to his knees, but her brain is her best quality (no pun intended). Spending her days as a registered nurse in a dermatology and plastic surgery clinic, this Italian-bred beauty stumbled into the urban modeling scene after her short teenage frame caused her to say goodbye to high fashion. But after a chance find by Sean Cummings, owner of Show Girlz Magazine, the exotic cutie found a new hobby that she's not ready to walk away from.

XXL caught up with Tiffany to talk modeling, relationships and everything men do wrong when pining for her attention. Now that's a good brain. —Amber McKynzie

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Photography courtesy of Jose Guerra

GOV’T NAME: Tiffany Turner
REPS: New York, NY by way of Pittsburgh, PA
AGE: 27
STATS: 34B-27-40
SOCIAL MEDIA: @tiffany_turner

XXL: When did you first start modeling?

Tiffany Turner: I went on the ShowGirlz Exclusive website, and it’s like a forum. You can submit your pictures, and I submitted my pictures on there. I was on the forum and interacting with people and that’s how Sean [Cummings, owner of Show Girlz Magazine] contacted me. He bought me to LA to shoot and everything. That’s how I got into the modeling.

Is modeling something you’ve always wanted to do?

TT: Yeah, modeling is something I’ve always wanted to do. When I was a child, I used to do catalog runway-modeling stuff. Traditionally, you know, like models have to be tall and thin, and I was always skinny as a child but I was never tall. I was always short, so once I was like 11[or] 12 they stopped calling me. [So] I gave up on the modeling thing. Then I got like introduced into the whole urban modeling thing. [Modeling was] something [I] always wanted to do so it sparked my interest. [But] I’m more of a person that could never give up everything and chase modeling. I have to make sure I’m grounded and financially supported. So, I have a real career, and this is something that is a hobby for now.

You said this is just a hobby. What is your full-time career?

TT: I’m a registered nurse. I work in a dermatology and plastic surgery office. I plan on going back to school so I can get my nurse practitioner’s [certification] so I can practice medicine and take my own patients. I [also] plan to start my own business soon.

So moving away from your 9-to-5 gig, let’s take it back to modeling for a minute. You were in Fred Da Godson’s video, “She Call Me God.” How did you link up with him?

TT: That was my first real video shoot or whatever, and the girl we worked with was really good; really professional. She was on the point with everything. Fred was really nice, really humble and down-to-earth. He made me feel comfortable, and he was easy to work with.

Has there ever been a time when you haven’t felt comfortable on set?

TT:Not really. I’m seen other girls get put in that position and I’ve seen them feel that way, but I’m kind of like a little aggressive. In a nice way, [I] make it known that I’m not gonna tolerate certain things. Guys will try, but I kinda shut them down. Usually [it’s] the artist’s friends or photographer’s friends. I just demand respect, and I get it most of the time.

So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on set that other girls have had to deal with?

TT: I mean, I’ve seen girls – like the typical groupie girls –and they can care less if they get paid. They just wanna go home with the artists. I don’t judge them, they do what they do, but I realize that women can be worst than men with the thirstiness.

Where do you see your modeling career in five years?

TT: I would like to have had several covers, [and] I would like to breakaway and do more mainstream things. I [want] to do commercial work and things like that. I don’t see myself ever being an actress. I would like to spread my wings and branch out, but I guess I don’t really have a plan like I should.

What rapper would you want to do a video with?

TT: Probably Drake. I really like his music, or Kanye West. I like artists that have more substance to them and the things that they talk about.

You love artists for their substance. Who’s your favorite artist?

TT: Biggie.

Alright, so let’s switch up and take it to sex and relationships. First things guys reading this probably want to know is, what do they have to do to get your attention?

TT: I’m really into gentlemen. It would have to be someone that I have had multiple interactions with, and they showed me that they have manners. I don’t get into the whole cocky attitude thing. If someone approached me, they would have to have respect to get any type of response from me. Other than that, they would get ignored, and I would walk away.

What’s your biggest turn-off?

TT: Disrespect. If you wanna talk to me, then speak to me like a woman. Say “Hello” and not “Damn ma, look at all that in them jeans.”

b>Let’s say you’re at the grocery store. What does a guy have to have physically to catch your eye?

TT: I like a man that has broad shoulders. You don’t have to be a muscle head ’cause actually I don’t like all that. I like nice teeth too. You gotta take good care of your mouth!

What’s the first thing guys notice when they see you?

TT: I probably get the eyes and hair the most. I have like really long hair and it’s so funny ’cause some guys and people will be like “Is your hair real?” I’m like “Yeah, but did you really just ask me that?”

Now let’s take it to the bedroom. Do you want a guy that likes it interesting of the “let’s do it in the bedroom all the time” kind of guy?

TT: It has to be interesting. Of course a girl likes romance and all that stuff, but if you do the same thing all the time it’s gonna get boring. You gotta have spontaneity; do different things; different places. I’m totally for pretty much whatever as long as it’s just me and the person. I like to experiment, but I’m not with bringing anybody new into the relationship. I don’t do that.

What’s the biggest turn-off in the bedroom?

TT: I think the biggest turn-off in the bedroom [is] a selfish lover.

Do you like being the student or the teacher?

TT: I like both. I like to be able to teach somebody ’cause it makes you feel like you know what you’re doing. But, if I’m doing all the teaching, then we gotta problem. I like a good balance.