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    Beyonce announced her pregnancy live on the MTV VMAs last Sunday. This Sunday, she'll celebrate her 30th birthday. Here, <i>XXL</i> salutes Beyonce with 30 of her hottest pictures through the years. Damn, Jay-Z, you are one lucky dude. Ready to see these shots? Ya ready, B? We are!
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  • Beyonce Knowles
    Beyonce Knowles; April 2003No Tabloids!Photo by: Tracy Bayne_Shooting StarЄ
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  • T-Mac

    These are all old pictures. Back when she was smokin’ hot and her music was cool. Nowadays her music sucks and she’s tryna be white.

    • jimmyjam33

      fuck off. everytime a black person makes it successful people all ways bring out that white fans today are fucking moron.

      • geahhh

        i guess u are a music fan too dude, nigga is totally right..b is tryna be white and not attractive anymore, fuck her..dangerously in love fo life

  • justhate

    T-mac …. you really think she cares what you think.. she is hot and she banking them 000000000′s which you will never see

  • justhate

    I feel ya jimmyjam33… Some ppl just hate to see other ppl make it..

  • reversal

    i know what T-Mac means, have ya’ll seen her new album cover? she looks like kesha! and the beauty products that sponsor her tell her to look certain ways, so its bound to make some people talk

    • shadae

      that is exactly whati said when i saw the album art! she looks like Kesha…she does seem to be getting lighter…skin and hair!

  • T-Mac, there’s new pictures too, wtf is wrong with your eyes? lol smh.

    • geahhh

      no aside from that, he’s right, she’s lost

  • Sunny

    I just cant believe shes married to Jay-Z!! He must have mad game or something haha

  • Eat it Nigguz!!!

    WTF is up with pic #25?!!… is she threaten to cut a niggas dick off or something?!!!….

    • zayzkidd

      If a nigga’s shit that small, it wouldn’t matter.


  • zayzkidd

    MAN, black is beeeaautiful!!!

  • Tshilidzi

    She can b my sugar-mama…….any day!

  • http://gDDFAH gadfhgdfg

    pic 3 i really like