Neru, “Thick Chicks Ain’t Got Ish On Me” [Web Candy x Gallery]

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Photography courtesy of Soulful Shots Photography

REPS: Little Rock, AR

STATS: 34B-26-36

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “I’m more of the classy type as you can see. I’ve modeled for celebrity designers such as Korto Momolu from Bravo’s series Project Runway, Reco Chapple from Bravo’s series The Fashion Show and soon there will be many more.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I like Kelly Rowland, Raheem DeVaughn, Jeremih, Miguel, The-Dream, Trey Songz, Lloyd, Musiq SoulChild, Usher, Wale…you get my drift.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “My favorite video is Miguel’s ‘Sure Thing.’ That video is just outstanding, from the wardrobe to the lyrics of the song.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “Put me in a video with Miguel, Jeremih, Lloyd or Trey Songz and I’m satisfied. Their videos are self-explanatory for the reason I would love to play lead for their videos. As far as working with video directors, Mr. Boomtown, Benny Boom and Hype Williams are great, and I would love to work with them all.”

SEX APPEAL: “What makes me sexy is my personality. I’m humble, classy, confident, professional and always looking good. I love every part of my body, especially my long legs.”

TURN-ON: “A man who’s number one priority is God, and he has his head on straight.”


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  • Son

    That’s a dude, son.

    • Father

      You should keep you mouth shut Son.

      • grandad

        He’s entitled to his opinion bitch, plus if you going to flaunt your shit over the internet you gotta expect that not everyone is going to like you. She ain’t my style and yes looks a little manly in some pics

  • real rap


    • real spell check

      its lose dude

  • Antonio

    What! No weave, no wig, no blue contacts, no fake nails or plastic boobs, no restroom wall tattoos,whatever next XXL. You might actually start celebrating women of color the way they are supposed to be for a change………………………just unique and beautiful.

  • lesotho

    Beautiful black sister. Very classy. Its a good contrast to all the women that always appear here as if they come from the same stock.

  • NO NO NO

    ….is that, Wesley Snipes ? that IS Wesley Snipes !!

  • Quit

    I was kind of hoping I’d get a post in before comments implied that she’s ugly because she has short hair and dark skin, but alas, too late.

    Can’t say her profile/interview stands out from anyone else who gets put on here, but her pictures are gorgeous. Especially the one in color.

    Literally, the only reason you could compare her to a man is because she doesn’t have long hair. You guys are ridiculous. Insult her for having a generic “praise God, listen to pop R&B, I’m classy (doesn’t everyone think that?)” answers, not because hurr durr dat bitch got short hair and dookie skin she a dude.

    Otherwise, I hope XXlarge gets more pictures like these. Not just girls who look like Neru (though she does look amazing), but photos like this too. It’s interesting and keeps it fresh.

  • tnt

    honestly the 1st photo she looks like a man, but 4 & 5 she looks way better i will say she is a 4 out 10 in books, i have seen dark skin chicks that 100x times better lookin than her she should stop modellin coz she fugly

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    she get’s my vote no dought, i mean me being black and all, i realy appriciate a real,young and blk sister in the game..

  • balaramesh


  • GetOffMyBitch

    First of all get off my co-workers you lil RATCHEtS!!! N thats for everyone who had something negative to say because atleast shes not lookin slutty like most of the girls on here. Respect a beautiful black woman when you see one mfers!

  • Lou’sWife

    I love these pics!!! Thank you for the title “Thick Chics Aint Got *ish* on me! I love it I love it I love it!!! amazing woman, photography and title. and again thank you :-) God bless

  • Bria

    You do your thing girl, I love this pic… Keep it up!!!

  • MissWhatever

    The comments are so funny to me. It is like if you are not one of the interchangeable ghetto barbies you get a called a man. All she has to do is go get a 24 inch weave and glue it on her head, a butterfly on her chest and a panther or something on her ass and bam she is eye candy worthy. Please think outside the box..guys.