Lingerie Football League Player Tanyka Renee

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Has your participation in the LFL made you pay attention to the NFL more?

Yeah, and guys love it. I’m like, Damn, the quarterback got out the pocket and they’re like, How do you know that?

After that, especially, dudes will want to know are you single?

Yeah, I’m single.

Which NFL player would you let take you out on a date?

I’m cool with a lot of them, but I don’t think I would ever date an NFL player.

Not your type?

I like smart, confident men. Not to say that’s not NFL players, but I would rather just be cool with them and be good friends, that homegirl.

Describe your ideal date?

It’s got to be different. I’m not just a dinner and a movie. I want a dude to be creative.

What’s it like being tackled by Tanyka Renee in the bedroom?

[Laughing]. I’m aggressive, yet still submissive. I’m very confident, secure with my body and I like to keep it sexy and crazy.

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  • Da Critic

    DAMN!!!!! Tanyka is a sexy woman and I’ll watch anything she appears in. Gorgeous dark skin and her body is INCREDIBLE!!!
    I would love to make her mine and make her climax on a daily basis.

  • NinoDogg

    Hey Bitch!!! WHERE’S MY GRIP???

  • zayzkidd


  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    nt hating on dey hustle but “lingerie football”??? lol daz nt interesting…

  • http://t @Richolaw

    Yeah she ….BAD

  • Dead President

    hott daym.. oh my .

  • Da Critic

    Only a homo would comment on the league and not the Beautiful woman being high-lighted as eye candy.
    I’ve never seen anything but the commercials but I love a woman with Tanyka’s skin tone and figure.


    She’s hot, love her and she follows me on Twitter. Still trying to put my bid in LOL…

  • thinker

    is she wearing men’s cups on her tits? interesting

  • KeanWolcott

    She’s hot! Next time around y’all need 2 get Tasha “The Tank” Pryor to pose 4 u. I had the pleasure of meeting her personally and all around she bad too!

  • KeanWolcott

    Tasha plays for the Chicago Bliss, and her stats ain’t the only thing u notice either *spoiler alert!*