Kendall Bruton was one of the ladies in Young Money's "Every Girl" video and we can see why Lil Wayne's crew chose her. Not only is the Bakersfield, Cali beauty, who now resides in Los Angeles, super sexy, but she's also quite the personality. Here, Bruton fills in the blanks with XXL about how she once had sex pulled over on the side of a highway, her secret crush and how she's only been on one date in her entire life. Seriously.







My personality's like crazy, mixed with fun, mixed with goofyness.

The craziest thing about LA is some of the non-swag having men. Some dudes out here have nice cars, nice this, but no game whatsoever. They can't really dress. I'm really tired of it honestly. Out here dudes will come at you, but not really come at you. I want aggression in a way like, I'm into you, I want you, I'm going to have you. Some dudes here want a dude to chase them. I can't chase you in heels. I'm sorry.

My favorite movie of all time isGrease. I've done theater for 10 years. Once I saw this movie, I fell in love with it.

My favorite TV show is Entourage. I'm sad it's ending.

Right now I have a $100 in my pocket and some gum in my purse. Got to have fresh breath in order to get money.

A secret itch I'd like to scratch is I always wanted to go skydiving in Hawaii. I've done it before, but I want to do it in a tropical place. Or streaking...across something with a lot of people.

I'm sexy because my confidence.

On an ideal first date, I'd like to I don't know. I've only been on one date in my life.


I swear. People don't believe me. I don't think it's anything with me. I'm pretty laid back, fun. I like to play video games, I like to go out. I'm a tomboy at heart, who loves to be a girly girl, but still I could get dirty, so I don't know. An ideal date would be something dangerous, something fun, an arcade...I don't need a five-star restaurant. I'd rather go paintballing with you.