Jennifer Skye is ready to go on a date…perhaps with you! But the deadline to win a date with the Puerto Rican bombshell, who lent her curves to Fat Joe’s “Slow Down” and Fabolous “Love Come Down” videos, is rapidly approaching. Jen Skye has agreed to go on a date with one lucky XXL reader on Friday, September 30. Guys have been flooding XXL’s inbox in hopes of landing a date with Jen and who knows, perhaps kissing the Skye. The deadline for the contest is next Friday, September 23.






The Rules: Answer the following questions accurately and email with a picture of yourself to: XXL will accumulate all the contestants with the correct answers and draw one lucky winner, who will be notified via e-mail. Must be 18 and older to enter.

Again, without further adieu, the questions are:

*How old did Jennifer Skye just turn?

*What’s Jen’s ethnicity?

*What New York borough does Jen originally call home?

*What body part does Jen say she uses to get a man’s attention?

*Jen appeared inside the pages of King earlier this year. What month issue was it and who graced the cover?

Good luck!

Here, Jen shares memories of some of her best and worst dates:

Best date: It was a surprise. He blindfolded me, we went on a helicopter ride and around NYC. Afterwards, we went to the city. He had a horse and carriage waiting and we went to the wax museum. It was how he did everything. He had a car, but he chose to do everything differently.

Worst date: I met this guy and went on a date and we're eating dinner. His cell kept ringing. I guess he had a girlffriend because she showed up with her kids and made a big show at the restaurant. They were his kids. I just said, I think you two have things to work out and left.

Ideal date: I want a spontaneous date like skydiving. something spontaneous.

How a dude can get a second date: If he doesn't try to make any moves...just be respectable. If he makes me laugh, impresses me. Just bring something different.