Brooke Bailey: “I Had Sex In A Private Airport Bathroom”

The thing people don’t know about me that I wish they knew is I’m a great a cook and I love to cook. I turn my music on and light my candles pour a glass a wine and burn the kitchen down. A lot of people didn’t know because they always think pretty girls can’t cook. My grandmother always taught me to be a good woman in your home. You have know how to cook, you have be able to clean those things are important. You have to be able to run a household if you expect your man to get the money. I do believe in being independent but I at the same time I’m a women and I don’t want to play that position I want to be able to stand in that position.

I can’t live with out A nice hot bath. I like to get lavender, Epsom salt and take a nice hot bath, light some candles, listen to my music and unwind. I think it helps to clear my mind. When I was little kid we had situations when the water might get cut off. You don’t appreciate a hot bath until you get you water cut off.

My favorite rappers are 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wanye, Snoop Dogg, Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Jeezy. They’ve all contributed to putting some great music into my ears, either in my I-Pod, my car or wherever.

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