Meet Ashley Sky. A sexy swimsuit and lingerie model from the tropical terrain of the Southern hemisphere. The Brazilian-born 32-22-34 knock-out stepped on to the scene less than two years ago, and now she's being featured alongside Jay-Z and Kanye. Making her debut Janye appearance in the first visual from Watch The Throne (“Otis"), the Miami-based beauty was one of four models to be selected for the video.

Humble and charismatic, the 5’8” bombshell caught up with XXL to talk about being contacted by 'Ye via Facebook, the lengthy video shoot and her rising success. This cutie will surely make you "Touch the Sky." —Rachelle Jean-Louis

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NAME: Ashley Sky
REPS: Miami, FL
AGE: 20
STATS: 32-22-34

XXL: How did you get into modeling?

Ashley: I started about a year and a half ago. I was just doing promotion, and then my boyfriend at the time was like, “You should do it for real.” So I just did a photo shoot, [and] put up pictures on Model Mayhem. Wilhelmina in Miami contacted me wanting to sign me. So I moved there from Orlando, and was with them for 8 months. It just wasn’t what I wanted. I got out of my contract and I’ve done a hundred times better being without an agency. Most of the people now must find me online or see my pictures.

What would you say is the moment that jump started your career?

I wouldn’t even say that that’s happened to me. I think it’s funny when people ask me how I became so successful because I’m not even anywhere near content. I’ve got a long way to go until I become satisfied or until I’m at that point where I’m like “Wow, I made it.” I’m still new to this business compared to most girls out there. I think for how long I’ve been doing it I’ve gone pretty far, but I don’t think I’ve had that moment. The biggest thing I’ve done—or most reputable—would obviously be the Kanye, Jay-Z video because it’s mainstream. But everything else I’ve done is fashion.  So I guess that’s the thing that most people would say they know about – that’s like more attached to my name.

How did you get into the “Otis” video?

This is actually pretty funny. Someone from Kanye’s camp contacted me to be a part of some stuff, and they’re really pretty vague about videos until they’re actually shot. I guess he requested me, and that’s it. They flew me up. It wasn’t through an agency or anything. It was just from knowing my name.

So someone in Kanye’s crew hit you up online?

Yeah, they hit me up on Facebook. A lot of people contact me for music videos, but it’s something that I don’t do. I never want to be that type of model. I just don’t want to sell myself short. But I knew working with Kanye wasn’t gonna be anything ridiculous. I’m not a dancer [laughs]. I made it clear that I wasn’t gonna be that type of model, and they said it’s strictly modeling. It was Kanye’s request, I guess. I know he’s really hands-on with his videos and his work, so I’m sure every girl there was his request. It was awesome! It was crazy to be a part of something like that. I know there were tons of people who wanted to be in my place, but I’m really thankful I got that.

Did you ever get a chance to talk to Kanye about how he found you?

Well, I tried to ask him, but it was an 18-hour day. I tried to be professional. I mean, it’s Kanye, you know? I just respect both of them so much that I didn’t want to be the annoying girl. I want to say it’s Tumblr where people are seeing me because a lot of my pictures are on there. I didn’t ask, but maybe one day I will! It was like six months ago the first time they contacted me, and I guess I just didn’t reply back because I get a lot of messages. It was actually like the day before I had to fly out that they got in touch with me.