Amber Rose Sounds Off on Hot 97 [Video]

The streets are buzzing about Amber Rose’s interview on Hot 97′s morning show. In the interview with Hot 97′s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, Wiz Khalifa’s current and Kanye West’s former arm candy dished on everything from Wiz being able to kick Kanye’s ass, her defeating Kim Kardashian in an ass off and calling out Funkmaster Flex for being an “asshole.”

Amber Rose speaks on Wiz and Kanye:

Amber Rose vs. Kim K in an ass off

Calling out Funk Flex

Some other soundbites included:

“I would die for [Wiz]. That’s how much I love him. We will get married, we will have babies, but we have time. We have the rest of our lives.”

Kanye and Wiz, they don’t know each other. There’s no beef.”

-”I think [Wiz] would beat the crap out of Kayne.”

-”I helped Kanye with his album. I rather not say [which album], but I got my credit and I’m good.”

“[Kanye's] bitter and I’m not. I don’t care to talk about him.”

-”I’m going to do music also. My music is fun.”

-”I’m 5’9″ … I got way more booty than Kim [Kardashian].”

-”I like to be with one person.”

“I’m a good person, I’m a humanitarian.”

“I’ve had two three-year relationships with two Black women.”

-On Funkmaster Flex: “He’s a total asshole. He’s a dick, man.”

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  • fireforreal


  • Ggggeorghe

    I’d eat her ass.

    • sb

      i would too

  • Sha


    Dude…. Dump this chick…..FAST!!!!

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the game for what it is. The music business in general is about 30% talent, 50% politics, and 20% timing.

    Now check what your chick just did….

    She was presented with a hypothetical scenario in which Kanye and her “current” man got into a fight. Without ANY thought she said,

    “My man would kick his ass! And I would jump in too!”

    On the surface it seems harmless. Maybe she’s just reppin’ for her boyfriend. Any person can relate to that, right?


    Wiz, you and Yeezy are not “average” dudes. You’re musicans (although I use the word loosely when referring to you). Wiz, you are a star. But like it or not, YOU’RE UP AND COMING. Kanye is a bonified VET with heavy weight industry connections (Jigga, Wayne, etc…). Kanye may be a big, sloppy, wet p*ssy, but battling him in this industry is like putting Marion Barry against Barack Obama. This dumb chick not only PERSONALLY sh*tted on Kanye, but she may have also messed up your money in “collabos” and “beats by Yeezy”. Damn!

    And to make matters worse, she went at FUNKMASTER FLEX!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!! Any rapper with half a brain knows that if the DJs don’t play your record, you can’t eat. And this dumb chick just called him an asshole! Damn! You won’t get any sales in NYC! Funk Flex is probably an asshole, but POLITICS 101….DON’T HELP YOUR ENEMY DEFEAT YOU!

    AND…. She’s frontin’ like she HELPED Yeezy with his album. Sure she did… If by helping Yeezy you mean f*cking Kanye so he could have a clear head before he went into the studio.

    Wiz, you seem like a halfway decent dude. Dump this chick. Or change that type of weed you’re obviously smoking. Because if you keep smoking that “Blonde Ambition” flavored weed, you’re going to be broke.

    • shakeittilmydickturnracist

      By the amount of touring he does and the cosigns hes already gotten, i’m pretty sure his girlfriend can’t fuck up his hustle. Plus nobody makes shit from album sales these days.

    • lisa

      Dammm! i aint mad at you. you so right tho..

  • pimp c

    nigger lovin white bitch tyrin 2 act black

  • russ’ nephew

    word. I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger…(devil’s advoc), but um’ prenup.

  • pimp c

    nigger lovin white bitch tyryin 2 act black dumb bitch

  • pimp c

    fart bubble ill shit n her mouth nigger lovin bitch

  • hater

    -”I helped Kanye with his album. I rather not say [which album], but I got my credit and I’m good.”

    bitch! all you said was “You ain’t got no fuckin’ Yeezy in your Serrato?”

  • d-1c3@reverbnation

    yo kanye is a bitch ne ways, fuck it, take shots at the big dog, and if you survive the wrath, you got what it takes…even though that bitch is retarded….all the hot ones are.

  • hater

    Kanye >>> everyone

  • timwindell’sballsack

    Kanye’s making music that everyone’s listening to.
    Wiz is making teenage smoker music, that gets old after a while.
    This hoes gonna move onto some new dood in a couple.

  • Prosecutor

    Amber Rose is like Gandhi, with amazing tits!

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