The 80 Hottest Lingerie Shots

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  • HalleBerry
    Lingerie. Just the word alone exudes sexy and excitement. Without further ado, <i>XXL</i> presents the Hottest 80 Lingerie Shots with <b>Halle Berry</b> starting it off. Enjoy.<p></p>
  • vanessa-veasley-17
    <b>Vanessa Veasley</b><p>Looking right, Vanessa.</p>
  • pamanderson
    <b>Pamela Anderson</b><p>Baywatch days and beyond.</p>
  • TristStratus
    <b>Trish Stratus</b><p>The former WWE Diva can put us in a figure-four leglock any day of the week . . . twice on Sunday.</p>
  • Teairra-Mari-Pic1
    <b>Teairra Mari</b><p>Sexy Teairra. Sexy.</p>
  • tahiry-jose001
    <b>Tahiry</b><p>That lingerie is suffocating trying to cover that thing up.</p>
  • sunny-monroe-3
    <b>Sunny Monroe</b><p>The forecast calls for clear and Sunny skies. </p>
  • vida_guerra
    <b>Vida Guerra</b><p>Room in that bed for two, Vida?</p>
  • suelyn-medeiro
    <b>Suelyn Medeiro</b><p>This is the kind of lingerie a dude wants his lady to keep on in the bedroom.</p>
  • Stephanie-Tejada-2
    <b>Stephanie Tejada</b><p>Looks very inviting.</p>
  • vixens1776-dollicia-bryan
    <b>Dollicia Bryan</b><p>Oh my God.</p>
  • Stacey_Dash_8
    <b>Stacey Dash</b><p>This woman can do no wrong.</p>
  • Sheneka-Adams-11
    <b>Sheneka Adams</b><p>We'd like to bearhug that teddy.</p>
  • ScarlettJohaness
    <b>Scarlett Johansson</b><p>Scarlett's all wet!</p>
  • Salma-Hayek
    <b>Salma Hayek</b><p>We want her . . . bad.</p>
  • TyraBanks
    <b>Tyra Banks</b><p>Supermodel fly.</p>
  • RosaAcosta
    <b>Rosa Acosta</b><p>What you thinking about Rosa? We're thinking about you.</p>
  • Rihanna
    <b>Rihanna</b><p>On fire.</p>
  • yaris-sanchez
    <b>Yaris Sanchez</b><p>Can we have some of what you're serving?</p>
  • RavenAthena
    <b>Raven Athena</b><p>Wow, wow, wow.</p>
  • vivica
    <b>Vivica Fox</b><p>Yeah, Vivica! </p>
  • pinky1
    <b>Pinky</b><p>Pinky exudes sex...then she has sex.</p>
  • rosario_dawson_3-1280x1024
    <b>Rosario Dawson</b><p>Still sizzling, Rosario.</p>
  • nicole-scherzinger
    <b>Nicole Scherzinger</b><p>Drop-dead gorgeous.</p>
  • selita-ebanks-4
    <b>Selita Ebanks</b><p>Too sexy.</p>
  • nicki-minaj
    <b>Nicki Minaj</b><p>It's Young Moola, baby!</p>
  • naomi_campbell
    <b>Naomi Campbell</b><p>Have people forgot how bad this woman is?</p>
  • mileena-hayes
    <b>Mileena Hayes</b><p>All of a sudden, we're feeling animalistic.</p>
  • melyssa_ford
    <b>Melyssa Ford</b><p>Don't worry about trying to get comfy there, Melyssa. There's plenty of room on our bed.</p>
  • meshaseville
    <b>Mesha Seville</b><p>So much to look at.</p>
  • mel_b
    <b>Mel B</b><p>Mel B's husband is one lucky bastard.</p>
  • megan-fox
    <b>Megan Fox</b><p>One Foxy mama.</p>
  • mashonda
    <b>Mashonda</b><p>Swizz Beatz is winning with Alicia Keys, but he was definitely winning with Mashonda too. </p>
  • Mariah-Carey
    <b>Mariah Carey</b><p>She's all yours.</p>
  • maliah_michel-6
    <b>Maliah</b><p>Luckiest couch in the world?</p>
  • Lucy-Pinder
    <b>Lucy Pinder</b><p>I love Lucy, don't you?</p>
  • LolaLuv
    <b>Angel Lola Luv</b><p>Getting this Angel would definitely feel like a slice of heaven.</p>
  • Larissa-Riquelme
    <b>Larissa Riquelme</b><p>The Paraguayan stunner looks ready for a bedroom battle royale in this number.</p>
  • lala
    <b>LaLa</b><p>Carmelo Anthony got game on and off the court.</p>
  • gloria_velez-50
    <b>Gloria Velez</b><p>Ms. Gloria Velez still definitely has it.</p>
  • kourtney-kardashian
    <b>Kourtney Kardashian</b><p>Pretty lil' mama.</p>
  • Kimbella
    <b>Kimbella</b><p>If Kimbella showed up at our bedroom looking like this, we'd lose our damn mind.</p>
  • leila-arcieri
    <b>Leila Arcieri</b><p>Leila's on the prowl and we'd fall prey to her any time.</p>
  • kim_kardashian
    <b>Kim Kardashian</b><p>Kim Kardashian - Top 5 all time? Ask us and the answer is yes.</p>
  • Keyshia-Dior
    <b>Keyshia Dior</b><p>As good as that lingerie looks on Keyshia, we'd love to be the ones peeling it all off.</p>
  • janet-jackson
    <b>Janet Jackson</b><p>Lounging with Janet Jackson...not much better than that.</p>
  • katy_perry
    <b>Katy Perry</b><p>Ok Miss Katie, we see you're a gangster too.</p>
  • KarenJael
    <b>Karen Jael</b><p>Hi Karen, we like you.</p>
  • KameronDash
    <b>Kameron Dash</b><p>Hey Kam, Simon Says put your hands up in the air. Pretty immature, but worth a try.</p>
  • jessica_miss_rabbit
    <b>Jessica aka Miss Rabbit</b><p>We'd like to multiply with this Rabbit.</p>
  • jesikah_maximus
    <b>Jesikah Maximus</b><p>Maximus indeed.</p>
  • Jennifer_Lopez
    <b>Jennifer Lopez</b><p>We're glad Jenny is single and back on the block . . . or bed.</p>
  • Heidi-Klum-0441
    <b>Heidi Klum</b><p>Lady in red.</p>
  • hayden-panettiere
    <b>Hayden Panettiere</b><p>High heels Hayden</p>
  • JesinaVice
    <b>Jesina Vice</b><p>We don't know how she put that thing on, but bet we can figure out how to take it off.</p>
  • Gisele-Bundchen
    <b>Giselle Bundchen</b><p>Was Gisele born in lingerie? She looks au natural - and hot - in lingerie that it sure seems like it.</p>
  • jennifer-love-hewitt
    <b>Jennifer Love Hewitt</b><p>Super pretty, Love.</p>
  • Gabrielle_Union
    <b>Gabrielle Union</b><p>Slam dunk. That's what her man and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has got to be thinking.</p>
  • Evelyn-Lozada
    <b>Evelyn Lozada</b><p>Slithery and sexy.</p>
  • FoxyBrown
    <b>Foxy Brown</b><p>She's a bad mamajamma, just as Foxy as can be.</p>
  • Eva-Longoria
    <b>Eva Longoria</b><p>You're killing us in that, Eva. We need first aid.</p>
  • Esther_Baxter_02
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>King's current cover girl, Esther Baxter.</p>
  • Dita-Von-teese
    <b>Dita Von Teese</b><p>We wouldn't mind getting teased by her.</p>
  • Denise-Richards-16
    <b>Denise Richards</b><p>That's hot, Denise.</p>
  • amberrose
    <b>Amber Rose</b><p>Just want to tackle her. Wiz will probably be too high to notice either.</p>
  • deelishis1
    <b>Deelishis</b><p>Absolutely Deelishis.</p>
  • emmaly-lugo
    <b>Emmaly Lugo</b><p>We'd love to be that floor.</p>
  • CubanaLust
    <b>Cubana Lust</b><p>Lust > love? Could be in this case.</p>
  • Bria-Myles-(15)
    <b>Bria Myles</b><p>We'd run miles and miles to get a glimpse of Bria stretching out like this.</p>
  • angelina-jolie
    <b>Angelina Jolie</b><p>Is her hand in her panties or are we dreaming? If the latter, don't wake us up.</p>
  • claudia-sampedro
    <b>Claudia Sampedro</b><p>Golden arches.</p>
  • Cassie
    <b>Cassie</b><p>Diddy's rumored girl is beautiful.</p>
  • buffiedabody
    <b>Buffie the Body</b><p>The body on Buffie? Good lawd.</p>
  • brittany-dailey
    <b>Brittany Dailey</b><p>Hi Brittany, what's good?</p>
  • beyonce
    <b>Beyoncé</b><p>Jay-Z hit the lotto with B.</p>
  • BarRafieli
    <b>Bar Rafieli</b><p>We wouldn't pass by this Bar without stopping in.</p>
  • AshleyLogan
    <b>Ashley Logan</b><p>Don't fall down those stairs. Eh, even if she did, she'd land on her ample ass.</p>
  • arianny-celeste
    <b>Arianny Celeste</b><p>It's like Arianny is begging for a spanking.</p>
  • Adriana-Lima
    <b>Adriana Lima</b><p>Keep those shoes on in bed, but take everything else off.</p>
  • carmen-ortega
    <b>Carmen Ortega</b><p>She's a maneater.</p>

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