Rita G. Shoots Maliah as Foxy Brown Part IV

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  • DSC_0251
    When we last left Foxy Brown, played by Maliah, she was trying to escape a struggle with a home intruder. Here's the thrilling conclusion of Rita G.'s photo series with Maliah. Enjoy.
  • DSC_0252
    Foxy keeps kicking to get closer to the gun.
  • DSC_0254
    Gripping, clawing, scratching, kicking...anything to get away.
  • DSC_0256
    He's got a firm hold of her, though.
  • DSC_0259
    Suddenly, he gets her in a headlock.
  • DSC_0260
    Foxy delivers an elbow to the gut in attempt to break free.
  • DSC_0261
    Yet, he keeps his grip tight.
  • DSC_0262
    A kick to his groin, loosens the grip.
  • DSC_0264
    Yet, the struggle still pursues.
  • DSC_0265
    With a kick, she tries breaks free.
  • DSC_0266
    But he maintains his stranglehold on her...
  • DSC_0267
    Not letting her move.
  • DSC_0269
    Finally, Foxy breaks free and flips him over her shoulder.
  • DSC_0280
    Alertly, Foxy dashes to get her gun.
  • DSC_0281
    Spotting the firearm, Foxy crawls toward it.
  • DSC_0284
    She's got it now.
  • DSC_0288
    Rolling, Foxy gets in position.
  • DSC_0295
    "Freeze sucka!" she screams!
  • DSC_0296
    Another one bites the dust, courtesy of Foxy Brown played by Maliah and shot through this series by former Eye Candy turned photographer Rita G.

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