Rita G. Photos Maliah As Foxy Brown Part II

When we last left Foxy Brown [played by the sizzling Maliah Michel], she had finally fallen asleep after a rough night of thinking that she heard noise in her home. Were her suspicions confirmed?

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  • DSC_0955
    After swearing that she heard something, Foxy finally dozes off...but not for long.
  • DSC_0182
    She hears the same noise she heard earlier in the night and has had enough. Foxy grabs her pistol from under the mattress.
  • DSC_0186
    With the firearm locked and loaded, Foxy inches closer and closer to the noise...
  • DSC_0187
    ...Leaning in to get a closer listen.
  • DSC_0188
    The closer she gets, the more she hears something...
  • DSC_0189
    She's nearly on all fours now, trying to solve this mystery.
  • DSC_0190
    What is that noise?
  • DSC_0191
    She's nearly at the foot of the bed now.
  • DSC_0192
    Foxy gets up and in position just in case...
  • DSC_0193
    With her back turned to the noise, Foxy makes her way to the wall.
  • DSC_0198
    Slowly she presses her body up against the wall.
  • DSC_0201
    Slowly, she begins to make her way across the wall...
  • DSC_0202
    Sliding and sliding closer to the noise...
  • DSC_0203
    ...and still looking for answers.
  • DSC_0204
    Just what could the noise be?
  • DSC_0205
    Foxy doesn't know, but is about to find out shortly.
  • DSC_0207
    She cautiously makes her way to the edge of the wall.
  • DSC_0208
    There's something or someone lurking on the other side of that wall and Foxy knows it now.
  • DSC_0214
    Something is about to pop off...
  • DSC_0215
    Her suspicions are confirmed!
  • DSC_0217
    "Freeze sucka!" Foxy screams! To be continued next Tuesday, August 23.

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  • http://xxl.com esspee

    dam outta 21 pics its was like maybe 5 actual different shots….and the nigga intrudin got on skechers? LOL

  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22

    Way to many pics of the same…but she’s a bad 1 ..will eat then beat fo sho

  • Juwad

    @Esspee u stupid ass muthafucker the intruder as on Air Penny Hardaway 1′s not skechers…smh step yo game up

  • Ninja Boi

    Look Birdman is the intruder!!!…hmmm guess all that Cash Money finally ran out huh? lol

  • thinker

    the intruder better be smashing foxy on the next one

  • http://www.po.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Way 2 many same pics n the story drags on 4 2 long…..but shorty smoking hot……….interesting 2 c how this will wrap up.

  • pacco

    You sunned me son!

  • SC

    That last pic is definitely the best one out the group. GOD DAMN!!!

  • Hannya


  • Know It All

    That nigga is Mandingo !! Her ass is in big trouble now. He will have a weapon bigger than hers and she will have to put hers down and co-operate with the big intruder. Smart money says he’s gonna come out on tops. Can’t wait to see the photo action in next shoot to confirm that her ass has been popped !

  • jsugah

    Same old…same old… why does the intruder have to be a black brother, kind of a stereotype?