Rita G. Photos Maliah As Foxy Brown Part I

You may remember Rita G. (just below) from various videos and print modeling or from infamously killing Kanye West in his “Flashing Lights” clip. Well, the famous Eye Candy doesn’t pose in front of the camera anymore. She hasn’t for at least three years. Nowadays, she’s behind the lens, shooting Eye Candy herself. Over the next month, Rita G. will be presenting her themed shoot of the sexy Maliah Michel as Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown on XXL. You won’t want to miss this!


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  • DSC_0173
    It started off as a normal night for Foxy Brown.
  • DSC_0174
    She usually doesn't struggle getting sleep.
  • DSC_0175
    Yet tonight, she's tossing and turning.
  • DSC_0176
    Something's definitely bothering her.
  • DSC_0959
    Just then, Foxy thinks she hears something . . .
  • DSC_0182
    She rolls out of bed and grabs her pistol under the mattress.
  • DSC_0183
    Foxy leans in and tries to get a closer listen.
  • DSC_0184
    She's just not quite sure what the sound is . . .
  • DSC_0185
    . . .but still is cautious.
  • DSC_0956
    Thinking she merely heard something, Foxy goes back to sleep.
  • DSC_0947
    But it's not easy.
  • DSC_0949
    It's going to be a long night . . .
  • DSC_0952
    Of constant tossing and turning.
  • DSC_0953
    Foxy tries to hit her sweet spot and get comfy under the covers once again.
  • DSC_0954
    Finally she finds her spot.
  • DSC_0955
    It's a good night's sleep . . . for now. To be continued next Tuesday, August 16.

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  • Dead President

    …clam in shot 9

  • Fado

    im speechless…

  • TicNitty706

    Man I never post on these eye candy’s but this is the best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaydee

    Nice !!!!

  • Georgey

    Dead and gone to heaven at 16.

  • http://www.po.gov.za Chiliz

    shoot nine runs chills tru my spine…

  • tito

    shes definitely stunning… i think this is just a sample of what we’ll be seein frm Rita G..keep yo eyes open! Gd job girl!

  • JSugah

    What a load of SHIT!
    Bad camera angles, lighting and the same shot over 16 pages- wow totally original, huh!
    And people call this good photography?