Rita G. Shoots Drake’s Ex Maliah Part III [Photo Gallery]

Rita G.’s photo series with Drake’s sexy ex Maliah as Foxy Brown is an absolute hit. Without further ado, here’s the third chapter in the four-part series.

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  • DSC_0217
    When we last left Foxy Brown, she had finally spotted a home intruder after a night full of tossing, turning and swearing she heard noises.
  • DSC_0218
    "Freeze sucka!" Foxy exclaims.
  • DSC_0219
    She steps even closer.
  • DSC_0220
    Suddenly Foxy hears a noise behind her and peeps over her shoulder to make sure there's nobody else in her home.
  • DSC_0221
    Those few seconds buys the intruder the time he needs to react, quickly grabbing hold of Foxy.
  • DSC_0222
    A struggle ensues.
  • DSC_0223
    He begins imposing his will and backing Foxy up...
  • DSC_0224
    While trying to wrestle free the gun at the same time.
  • DSC_0225
    Using his weight advantage, he pins Foxy to the bed.
  • DSC_0228
    Still, he's trying to wrestle the pistol away.
  • DSC_0229
    Foxy kicks him in the gut.
  • DSC_0236-2
    As the struggle heats up, Foxy can barely keep grip of the pistol.
  • DSC_0238
    The gun flies across the bed.
  • DSC_0242
    "Ahhhh!" she screams.
  • DSC_0244
    Foxy fights him off, while keeping her eye on the gun.
  • DSC_0246
    Crawling, Foxy keeps reaching for the gun.
  • DSC_0247
    But the intruder keeps pulling her leg to get her further away.
  • DSC_0248
    She's almost there...
  • DSC_0250
    But he keeps pulling.
  • DSC_0251
    Will Foxy get that gun and defend her home? Check back with <i>XXL</i> next Tuesday, August 30 for the dramatic ending and final installment of Rita G.'s series with Maliah as Foxy Brown.

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  • dwiz

    i can see someone else in pic 10

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/hollamann vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    pic 20 is the killa!!

  • Hannya

    This is stupid.

  • @24klilcoe

    She look Good… But somebodys mind was in kinky rape mode, 2 come up with this Idea… Crazy!

  • GOAL!

    The last shot FTW!

  • Drebin

    Dumbest shit ive ever seen hands down. Looks like it was shot and written by a twelve year old…. yet we cant look away

  • http://www.po.gov.za Tshilidzi

    slideshows not showing…..sh*t this frustrating as i can only read commentors opinions.

  • Free Speech

    I think it’s pretty much safe to safe, if she doesn’t get the gun, she’s Fucked !!!….’subject to the interpretation of how dirty your mind is

  • tito

    theres anoda nigga in the back on pic 10! lol

  • Antonio

    The only missing from the most lame ass set you have ever put on this website is the lube.

  • Antonio

    The dude in pic ten is there cause this is a take on that fuck my wife site, but in this one you don’t know if you gonna fuck her or get shot in the balls.