Texas-born model Raya Reaves admits she has a cute smile and pretty face, but she knows she has much more to offer. Recently graduating from California State University Northridge, this Black and German beauty has a degree in finance and is ready to take her career to the next level. After accidentally attending a model audition in Texas, Reaves has worked with Snoop Dogg in a commercial for New Zealand Airlines, Wiz Khalifa in a promo clip for his album and Slim Thugga in one of his recent videos. And even though her “nice tits and pretty smile” help pay the bills, she’s ready for people see beyond her seductive exterior. Swag. —Amber McKynzie

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Raya Reaves
REPS: Los Angeles by way of Austin, Texas
AGE: 22
STATS: 34D-24-36

Before modeling I was…An actress. I started [acting] in Texas, and I came to L.A. for school to pursue acting further. I came across an audition for an agency. I was thinking it was for acting so I went and I come to find out it was for modeling. They want[ed] to sign me.

Since I started modeling I’ve worked with… Snoop. [He’s] really cool to work with, [and] he’s super tall – exactly how he looks [on] TV. Two months later I shot something else with Snoop and Wiz Khalifa. It was a short promotional video for Wiz Khalifa’s album. It was cool to work with some of the same crew again on a different project. I shot a video with Slim Thug called “Sky (The Celebration)”. It was Slim Thug and a European artist. Really cool.

Besides working with artists I’ve been featured in…Show Magazine. My issue came out last October.

Even though modeling is something I fell into…[It’s] definitely something I want to continue. [But still] further my acting career.

My dream acting job would be… A lead or supporting role in a big onscreen film. I’ve done a lot of independents and shorts and you know stuff for TV, but I would really like to get featured in movie theaters and things like that.

If I had to choose one actor I would really want to work with it would be… Morgan Freeman. I think he’s a great actor. I would love to do some work with him, and I’m a huge fan of Sandra Bullock. Those two are the main ones.

If I could work with any rapper right now it would be… Wale. His lyrics are amazing. Every single song I hear from him has meaning. I would be more than happy to be in a video where someone’s rapping about real things.

If I could go on a date with any rapper it would be…J. Cole. He’s quite attractive.

I would love to sleep with…J. Cole – [but] obviously if we were dating; not just to do it. Not really my style.

I wouldn’t have a threesome because…I feel it’s more of an intimacy thing Sharing it with more than one person isn’t something that I would find attractive.

Since I like being with one person, I usually look for a guy that…[Has] a sense of humor [and] doesn’t take life to seriously. Also honesty. Handsomeness, of course, is always a plus. Gentlemen always get far [with] me.

I’m turned off by… Arrogance and insecurity. If I’m gonna be with someone, I’m gonna be with you, and you should not worry about anything else.

When guys first look at me, they see…Pretty nice tits, long legs and pretty smile. I would hope they would look past the physical, but if that were the case then yea I would definitely say my eyes and my smile should do it.

When it comes to the bedroom I like…Someone who likes to try new things and someone who takes control. I’m pretty in control of my own life, so it would be nice to have somebody take control elsewhere. [But] big turn-offs … I’ve never really had anyone talk dirty to me so I’m not sure how I would respond to that. [Laughs] so maybe that.