Nikki Sweets is as fresh as her ink. Here, the tatted-up print model—with 26 tats—goes on one and dishes on her body art in addition to debating whether fellas not having ink is a deal breaker or not. The Chi-town-raised, Indiana representer also discusses bringing honey, chocolate and peanut butter into the bedroom. Hey, her last name is Sweets.



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Nikki Sweets on relationship status: Incredibly single.

Turn-ons: He has to be open, amazing personality. I like weirdos. Guys who think about how many stars are in the sky. I don’t like the typical jock or guy who cares what everyone else is thinking or saying. The guy that’s going to attract me is the guy who doesn’t care about anything else in the world except being himself.

Weirdest thing a dude told her: A guy came up to me one day and told me he likes the way my hands smell. I was like, “Are you serious?” and he shook and smelled my hand. It was weird, but it started the conversation.

Weirdness in bedroom: I don’t go too weird in the bedroom. I like objects. I like toys, vibrators. You could bring some honey, chocolate…I’ve brought peanut butter in the bedroom before. That’s pretty weird [laughing].

Dudes needing tats to date her: It’s not a requirement for me at all. I don’t judge. I don’t look at body features. If you have a great personality and no tattoos, it’s cool. If you have a bitch personality and your body is inked up like Travis Barker, I still ain’t fucking with you. I’m into tattoos and everything like that. I like guys that have tattoos that mean something. Stars in the middle of your forehead, that’s not hot to me.

First tattoo: It was a little retarded $30 tattoo of a nickname I had in high school – Precious Jewel. Eh. I covered it up maybe a year ago. I have a heart with wings covering my first tattoo. I’m a free spirit and I believe that I have a big amazing heart.