Laura Dore: “I Would Love To Attend Torture Garden in Europe”

Sometimes I get compared to a crazy person. A raving lunatic. Seriously, Dexter. I act like him.

My dream date would be with I don’t know…somebody I like.

Tattoos turns me on. I just got one removed. It was on my thigh and Felix the Cat smoking a joint. I got it at 15. I was the utmost awesome 15-year-old you’ll ever meet.

My best body part is my hands because they’re like Jack the Pumpkin King’s from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I would never say stop in the bedroom.

The key to great sex is being emotionally into that person.

Sex with me is awesome.

The craziest place I’ve ever had sex is the playground. It was in high school . . . a beautiful time. That’s the safe answer.

In 10 years I’ll be hopefully sane.


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  • e

    The 5th Pic is pretty amazing.

    • Bigplay

      I’ll 2nd that. That’s exactly how I would like to see her. lol

  • sdot

    She BLACK!!!!!! that why her ass is so FINE BLACK POWER!!!!! I knew it was something about her………

  • Dead President

    …..says that but she bout as black as my teeth – & knows she a XXL dammit .

  • Dead President


  • Scooby

    There’s definitely something wrong with you if you want an AR-15. But I still love you like that Laura!!!

  • Chiliz

    Can mosdef get my contact details…..i will lick that a** all day.