Laura Dore: “I Would Love To Attend Torture Garden in Europe”

Simple and plain: Laura Dore is one of the sexiest women walking God’s green Earth. Here, the half-African American, half-Brazilian, White and Puerto Rican stunner of a print/video model fills in the blanks about her obsession of guns, how she dreams of a trip to the Torture Garden (a fetish event in Europe), tattoos and having sex in a public playground. You gotta love. We did.

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My background is I’m multi-racial, which consists of Black, White and Latina. Both my parents are mixed. My dad is half African American, half Brazilian and my mom is majority White – Polish, French and Italian – and a fourth Puerto Rican.

The craziest thing about Texas is the heat. It’s a 108 degrees right now. Kind of insane.

My favorite movie of all time is The Human Centipede. Beautiful movie.

My favorite television show is True Blood.

Right now I have a stun gun in my purse. I like weapons. I’m obsessed with weapons. I have a handgun right now, but I’m looking to upgrade. My dream gun right now is an AR-15. I really want an AR-15.

No wonder rappers like you. A secret itch I’d like to scratch is I would love to attend Torture Garden in Europe, which is a huge fetish event. It’s huge and they have different shows all over Europe where it’s like a party, but they have performances from burlesque to fetish stuff and everyone comes in fetish gear.

Amazin’ was my favorite video because I got to go to Hawaii and that’s always a plus.

I’m sexy because I’m awesome, I’m smart.

On an ideal first date, I’d like to be taken to anything interesting. Surprise me. Anything that is out of the ordinary.

Like Torture Garden.

Or the shooting range (laughing).

To impress me a man has to not be scared of my pitbull because he’s a little psychotic. He’s actually laying on my bed right now. But just being genuine, being themselves and basically not trying to impress me is more impressive than trying. I don’t like showoffs.


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  • e

    The 5th Pic is pretty amazing.

    • Bigplay

      I’ll 2nd that. That’s exactly how I would like to see her. lol

  • sdot

    She BLACK!!!!!! that why her ass is so FINE BLACK POWER!!!!! I knew it was something about her………

  • Dead President

    …..says that but she bout as black as my teeth – & knows she a XXL dammit .

  • Dead President


  • Scooby

    There’s definitely something wrong with you if you want an AR-15. But I still love you like that Laura!!!

  • Chiliz

    Can mosdef get my contact details…..i will lick that a** all day.