Kamar Adour: “I Would Say My Eyes, But Boys Like My Butt”

First thing notices in guy: Their overall upkeep. If they’re sloppy or well put together. Shoes are a big one. Fresh kicks are a must, If you have on busted kicks its like umm…

A guy must: Make me laugh, I have a really good sense of humor and if you can’t make me laugh you won’t get my jokes. Life is too serious as it is, you need to feel at ease when you’re with somebody. I enjoy laughter and good conversation and stuff like that. So I don’t wanna sit around a grumpy person.

Things she can’t deal with: I can’t deal with namedroppers and are so materialistic. The other day this guy was like ‘the valet hit my Bentley wheel on the curb and now they gonna have to buy me a new Bentley wheel’. Why are you telling me what car you have? Would you have said my Honda wheel? I can’t stand that.

Best physical feature: I would say my eyes, but boys like my butt.

Start in the lingerie business: I’ve taken so many pictures in lingerie that I was like ‘Why not, if I had this many people following me on Twitter or friending me on Facebook I should try to sell them something.’ Adour’s closet sells designer lingerie, some adult toys bikinis and stuff that I think is hot or sexy. The whole concept of the website is to be a place where girls can embrace their definition of sexy.

Best character feature: I’m very down to earth.

Key to her heart: I’m a hopeless romantic. I enjoy romance and sincerity, just knowing that a person is being genuine and loyal is all it takes to win me over.

Celebrity crush: I’ve never told any one this. Since way back when I’ve had a crush on Ice Cube. I know he’s married and has kids. My heart still flutters when I see him on TV.

Favorite rappers: First and foremost, UGK is my favorite group. Pimp C always. I used to love MOP, more recent would be like Lil Wayne, Drake. The majority of what’s on my iPod is older stuff MOP, Scarface, Ice Cube, Devin the Dude.


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  • D90

    any bitch that likes MOP is dime lol

    • Bigplay

      all those she mentioned except maybe Drake make her a dime in my book.



  • Da Critic

    Extremely attractive and I like the way she comes across in the interview. Great ass and a good head on her shoulders.

  • http://www.missvannette.com missvannette

    She’s sexy and classy with a twist of street smarts. My best friend. BOOK HER!

  • Los Angelez Angelz


  • anutha_level

    diggin the convo capability….sounds like a thorough chick.