Today’s Eye Candy Kamar Adour is a triple threat, a model, actress and entrepreneur. The 25-year-old DC transplant has done music videos for DMV Artist Mullyman, Kingpen Slim and most recently Tabbi Boney’s “Come Get Me”. Hailing from Harlem the home of famous moguls P Diddy and Dame Dash an eye for business came naturally to Adour, which led her to open up a designer lingerie and adult toy website Adour’s closet. The Jamaican and Moroccan beauty rapped with XXL and talked turn ons/offs, Twitter stalkers, and her favorite rappers. — Uncle Mike




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Kamar Adour on modeling: "I did something modeling and a little bit of acting when I was a kid. As time went on my best friend was modeling and I was helping her with styling. When I moved to DC the opportunity presented its self to do some hair modeling."

Turn-offs: "Number one is teeth. If your teeth are crazy and your mouth is not right right — a sub category under that would be hygiene all together. If you don’t care about yourself, and your upkeep, then you must not care about much.

Turn-ons: A man that’s confident with himself and smells good, if you smell good you are winning in my book.

Worst pick-up line: I don’t get hit with a lot of lines. I hate when a guy approaches me, and the first thing they say is, ‘You got a man?’ Be yourself and say ‘How ya doin? I thought you were pretty’ start a convo that way.

Creepy stories: I had this girl literally crash my birthday dinner. Twitter was new and we were like ‘we’re here’, ‘we’re there’, ‘meet you at this place’ I had this girl she literally came up to me like ‘ I follow you on Twitter’ then I started seeing her everywhere. Everywhere I said I was going to be she was she was there. So I put two and two together and figured out she was following me on Twitter and in real life.