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Photography courtesy of Angela Boatwright

Words by Sean A. Malcolm

“I absolutely have an edgy side,” Marisa Elise exclaims. “It doesn’t take much to bring out my edgy side. It’s part of my everyday persona.” Unfortunately, the D.C.-bred 26-year-old African-American, Native American and Irish mash-up doesn’t show off that side much on a video set. Instead, fans will see the aspiring interior designer (Marisa has a B.A. architectural design and runs her own interior design consulting business) and her 36D-25-39 frame playing the vixen role in such clips as Pretty Ricky’s “Tipsy In This Club”(2009), Juelz Santana’s “Back To The Crib” featuring Chris Brown (2009) and most notably, Lloyd Banks’ recent “So Forgetful” featuring Ryan Leslie, in which she plays the Punchline King’s muse. “I don’t mind playing that kind of role in videos—it’s just acting,” Marisa says nonchalantly. “I can always be myself in everyday life. I enjoyed getting a little bit dirty. Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to play the villain one day.”

Banks kind of played you at first in the “So Forgetful” video. In reality, are you inconspicuous or are you far from forgetful?

I am far from forgetful! Once you meet me you’ll remember me, I promise.

Duly noted. What is it about you that’ll leave an indelible mark on the conscience?

Physically, I think the most unforgettable thing about me is my smile. And, of course, the curves.

Glad you mentioned the painfully obvious.

But I always get compliments on how my smile is so pretty.

What is the type of man that you want to dole out said compliments?

When I see someone who catches my eye, they are usually tall, dark, and athletic, with an amazing smile.

Again with the smile…

I know it may seem weird but I have a thing for really nice teeth. The physical isn’t always the deal breaker. I’ve met many guys who possess all the physical attributes but have no personality. Someone’s personality can always win me over, especially if they can make me laugh.

How about yours? Is that another attribute that makes you memorable?

I am so laid back and humble. I have an extremely sarcastic sense of humor, which some people don’t get right away but once you get to know me you’ll love me.

That and those curves you mentioned before.

[Laughs] Aside from my smile, I love my waist and my stomach. I don’t really workout, and somehow I always have a flat stomach. No matter how much weight I gain, the weight goes everywhere else.

You must get it from your mama, word to Juvenile.

I’m truly blessed to have those genetics. Thanks, Mom!

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  • Tre’ Fluency

    I really like her, gorgeous and she seems like a down-to-earth type person. I give her a XXL!

  • Da Critic

    Sexy and Thick as hell,I likes!
    Sounds cool too.

  • YOM

    Should be more pic’s but #2 & 3 are the best and she does like tall,dark brothers so I wish her fine ass the best.
    Surprised she has so few comments.

  • iec studios

    DC ‘s finest is gracing the pages of XXL. Marisa is sexy, intelligent and down to earth. Thanks to the staff for making this happen.

  • LaMont

    Marisa Elise is so sexy! I would like to see her in a lot more music videos.XXL this is one of your finest eye candy models yet.

  • MrThirteenInch

    DAMN. Nice ride and the cycle ain’t bad either. Booty-ful.

  • BullyGirlMag_CEO

    Nice shots… She needs to come model for Bully Girl Magazine.

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  • MMG

    Hotttt!!! Got any Nude???



  • gpflex

    them thighs are juicy as hell…. and a sweet smile

  • http://playerzonlynohaterz!.com shear conn

    she hott but can she keep up wit a real player.normal thingz iz a we look 4 but those who don’t how we play da game always get left behind.itz a lotta eye candy out here an they be luved.never a hater so um gradulatin all the eye candy an da dudez who wife em an no wut ta do wit em!