Cavel likes to tell it like it is. If the stunning Trinidadian print model, seen in the pages of Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, doesn't like dudes with dirty fingernails, she says it. If one asks her the craziest place she's had sex, she answers without hesitation - "The park." Wow. Here, Cavel gets On One with XXL.













Cavel on Trinidadian Women: The women – oh my God – I’ve heard people say if you’re a married woman you can’t go to Trinidad at all. I think we’re some of the best women out here. We have sex appeal, we know how to dance and move. We have fun and take care of our men.

Single or Taken? It’s hard to answer because if I say I am [single] I’ll make someone upset, but then it’s like if I say yeah I may lose some things. So, I’ll just say no and I’ll have to explain that one.

Turn-Ons: Just someone who’s nice, respectful, has a job. A nice smile and muscles. A fit-type guy. I like the chest and arms. Just a good guy all the way around.

Turn-Offs: Dirty fingernails. If your fingernails are dirty, I’m going to walk the other way. I just can’t do it.

Best Approach: Just get to know me away from all the Eye Candy stuff. Talking about my looks is just a big turn-off for me, but if you’re coming at me and are more of the intellectual, I like that.

Ideal First Date: Maybe dinner and then a walk in the park, somewhere near the waterfront and just sitting down and talking. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. I’m more of a simple girl. Something more intimate.

Best Date Ever: I’m a big Twilight fanatic, so he bought me a couple of the books, smaller items, and then took me on a picnic.

Worst Date Ever: I can’t remember one bad one at all. So, I guess there wasn’t any.