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    Cassie sure is beautiful. With the singer/model turning 25 tomorrow, <i>XXL</i> decided to present her hottest 25 pictures. Enjoy.<p></p>
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  • Cassie Ventura Wallpaper 05
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  • MEXA

    hands down the hottest mexican girl ever

    • SergeSauce

      I second that

    • anutha_level

      nope……Salma Hayek

    • http://xxl 40water619

      ^^ for real. that’s the 1st thing I thought when I saw this comment… hands down? what are you 15?? ever seen From Dusk til Dawn, Desperado? Rent it, Netflix, whatever… Bluray is worth it. Salma is still the finest… Hands Down.

  • wza

    Nah, she looks like a little girl. Need a little more body for me.

  • YeaWeKnow

    ill walk down the street a more beautiful mexican girl better smile and boy no lie shes not even that hot

    • YeaWeKnow

      Ill walk down the street and find

    • YungVito

      “Eww nigga u gay” riley voice

  • anutha_level

    creampie ALL day

  • kyle jones

    Yam look it those carne asada eye candy all she need is a sour cream(low-fat of course) LOL

  • kukluxswag

    Yam!! now i want some nacho-n-cheese

  • Tshilidzi

    My b/day is on the 27/08. We are both Virgo.