Carmella Bella was Angela Yee's partner in crime on Sirius' radio's 2 Girls 1 Ball show. The two would make athletes - from all sports - squirm with some of the most daring questions. Now, this caramel-complected cutie is flying solo with her own website, 1 Girl Tons of Balls. There, the Brazilian bombshell interviews athletes from a wide range of sports, including plenty of football players. Carmella talks about the NFL lockout ending, her favorite football player to interview and her relationship status. She's single fellas, and she loves sports - especially the football gridiron. What's there not to love?

On the return of football: I'm kind of like back and forth with it because I kind of feel like the lockout shouldn't have gone on this long. I definitely understand the ins and outs of the NFL lockout, but I kind of feel like...there's owners who said they were never afraid of losing their fans, so I think as fans we weren't appreciated as much. I'm excited the lockout's over, but it's kind of bittersweet for me. That bad taste isn't out of my mouth, but I'm excited for the guys.

Favorite football players to interview: Michael Strahan. I say it all day every day. I love him to death. I think he's a great person. He knows what humility is. He reaches out to so many different people. He's old school and understands the rules to the game. He's the funnest interview I ever had. He knows the game. I adore him. I'm going to interview him in LA.

On why females should watch football with their men: I think if you could watch it with your man, it's another opportunity to bond with him. I always meet guys and they say, "And you like sports? That's a bonus." Men like women, who like sports. I don't know the ins and outs of every sport, but I know enough to appreciate every sport. I tell women, find something that you like about the game and then you'll enjoy it. If you like the touchdown dances, wait for the touchdown dances and that's your thing. It's a cool way to get away and have a weekly event. It's fun if you make it fun.

On relationship status: Yes, I'm single and ready to mingle (laughing). People assume because I interview athletes, I date them, but I'd date the manager at McDonald's or the banker on Wall Street. As long as you come with substance, let's do this.

SOCIAL MEDIA: @BellasBalls and "1 Girl Tons of Balls"