Brooke Bailey’s journey to Hollywood began by accident. After posting a few pictures on MySpace, a talent scout contacted her to shoot her professionally. The chance meeting lead to the South Central, Cali cutie to doing spreads in various magazines along with appearances in Snoop and Akon’s “I Wanna Love You”, 50 Cent’s “Amusement Park”, and Lil Wayne’s “Lolipop”. The Black/Indian beauty broke in television after scoring a weekly role on Nick Cannon’s “Wild n Out” as a Wild n Out girl during the fourth season. Brooke talks to XXL about her turn ons, the best sex, and what it takes to make her happy. —Uncle Mike



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Brooke Bailey on turn-ons: I like a man who clean cut smells good. I like a grown. I like a man’s man. A man that can walk into the room and every other man knows that this is a grown man.

Turn-offs: A bitch nigga, a nigga that just has bitch tendencies and just doesn’t understand his position in life. I like a nigga that’s laid back, everybody already knows what it is he really don’t have to talk about it.

First thing she notices about a guy: His smile, I like nice lips, no teeth stacked on top of each other.

Guys with gold: I like Southern men, so sometimes that comes with the territory.

On finding women attractive: I do. I find women beautiful and if I see a beautiful woman, I’ll compliment her.

Celebrity crush: I’m not a celebrity type chick. I’ve never looked at a celebrity guy like ‘Oh yea that’s the type of guy I want in my life.’ That’s not the type of dudes I go for.

Favorite part of her body: I like my boobs and I like my butt. [When] somebody is looking at me and trying to get to know me I think my eyes and my smile are most endearing.

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