Yoncee - and her ridiculous 34B-29-41 measurements - is XXL's featured Eye Candy model for the July/August issue. Here are the exclusive interview and picture outtakes from the sizzling Jamaican and Puerto Rican firecracker that didn't make the mag. Yoncee talks everything from dating to her turns ons and the differences between dating Jamaicans and Puerto Ricans. Oh wow is that one lucky snake wrapped around her. Grrr . . .








XXL: How did you get linked up in the DJ Drama video?

Yoncee: My friend Session sent me a message about a casting call for the video. He encouraged me to go because he said he had already told the casting director about me. When I got there, they liked me, and casted me as Wiz Khalifa's main girl. That video has really propelled my career so I would like to thank Session, Drama, Wiz, Fab, Roscoe, and all those involved.

You're relatively new to this game. How did you get started? Did you always want to be a video model?

Ever since I was little I loved playing dress up. I would always put on make up, change my hair color, and dance in front of the mirror. But it was really weird because I was also a tomboy [Laughs]. But to answer your question, yeah, I always wanted to be a video model. I got started through networking and then earlier this year I joined The Collective, a group of premiere party promoters in NYC. The Collective is made up of myself, Arielle, Lingo, Steve, Village, and Nema. They are like my family. They introduced me to everyone and I started building my contacts from there.

What was your first ever video? How did you get hooked up for it and describe the experience.

My first video was for Carlos and Alejandra's "La Cafecita". They are a latin music group. I got that gig from my friend Lingo who knew the casting director Jeff. At first I was nervous because it was my first video, but when I got in front the camera I just did my thing. My future was depending on it.

For your shoot we had you with a snake. You were nervous at first but got into it. How was that?

[Laughs] oh the snake. I was terrified when they first put it on me, but then I got use to it. I appreciate the opportunity because I overcame a big fear of mine that day.

Okay, what do you think is your best physical feature?

I don't think it's my butt. I would say my smile. My smile let's people know the type of person I am. I'm very positive and I love to laugh.

You have an interesting name. What’s the story behind the handle?

My best friend Baibee named me Yoncee. It stems from Beyonce. I love my name.

Interesting. What do you look for in the opposite sex, physically? And what else must they possess?

Strength. He has to be manly. Other than that, he has to be down-to-earth and funny. I love to joke around so I can not be with someone who has an uptight personality.

What songs were you dancing in front of your mirror to?

Beyonce's "Bootylicious." Ironic, huh? [Laughs].

You have a unique mix of Jamaican and Puerto Rican. Have you dated both races? And which do you prefer? And what's the difference in both kinds of men?

Yeah, I've dated both. The main difference in the two would be attitude. Jamaicans, well West Indian men in general, tend to be really aggressive. I have no preference though.

What's the advantage of being a part of The Collective, and what is your role in the group?

I'm one of the promoters in The Collective. The advantage of being a part of The Collective is that you are around a great team of powerful, hardworking people who are on their grind, but also invested in your career and want to see you do good.

What are your aspirations? What do you ultimately want to do?

I want to take modeling to the next level. Everyone nowadays want to be a model, so I'm looking for different ways to stand out…like the photo shoot with the snake. The key is to stay relevant. Eventually, I would like to get into acting.

Since you were rocking a snake during a shoot can now be crossed off your bucket list. What else is on that list?

A photo shoot in water, maybe even under water. I can't swim so water is a huge fear of mine.