Where in the world is Tosha Riea? An ex-girlfriend of movie director John Singleton, Riea has traveled the world and definitely has stories to match each passport stamp. The Los Angeles native, who stands 5' 4" with the stunning measurements of 34D-24-40 (wowza), currently models and runs her own talent booking and event planning company. She's also dishing out relationship and sex advice to men via her blog Sex and Insanity. Here, Tosha gives XXL advice to pass onto the fellas and gives us a sexy story about some of the countries and cities she has visited to date. Y'all don't want to miss her experience in Amsterdam.













XXL: We understand that you've recently been giving sex and relationship advice to the fellas?

Tosha Riea: Yes, I’m tired of these wack ass lines I’m getting. I’m getting tired of the way guys are doing it. They’re not doing it right. One of the examples is a guy who says, “Can we be friends?” When you do that . . . you should never volunteer to put yourself in the friend zone. You already lost by doing that. Once you’re a friend, you’re a friend. You might as well be a-sexual because we don’t even look at you like a sexual entity at all. You should always make it known that you’re interested.

So what can dudes do to approach you and draw your interest?

So many guys are fronting that it’s nice and easy when you’re real. Everyone’s trying to be hard and be like this rapper or this dude, but it’s great when you get a guy who doesn’t give a fuck and is just himself. That’s interesting because that makes you unusual and different. Then, there’s nothing wrong with a compliment. Every woman has their good days or bad days, so they're appreciated.

Now, we also understand that you love traveling. We thought it'd be fun to name some of the countries and cities you've traveled to and for you to tell us what you found sexy about each. Are you game?



The Red Light District (laughing). They're open about everything. Sex - they put it out there. It's not oppressive. They have a sex show and I'm in Amsterdam, so of course I want to see what's going on. I'm in Amsterdam and they're having sex on stage! It's female-male, female-female, male-male. You're getting paid to watch an orgy. It's nuts. You're like what the hell. Then they have prostitutes in windows. You'd think they'd be prostitutes, but these girls were hot!


Well, Paris is more sensual. It's more romantic than sexy. They have sex, they enjoy it, but it's more sophisticated, whereas Amsterdam is more out there. It's more like making love than fucking.

St. Tropez.

Ok, now that's sexy. It's more upscale, so you have beach clubs where everyone is topless. They're partying with their shirts off.


More modern than Madrid. The wine, the food. Women are topless, they're rolling up joints on the beach. Cops are walking by. No way that can happen in the US. You know how much mayhem would happen if that were happening, but over there they were just chillin.


One of the most beautiful, romantic places. It's a place you go to with someone you're really into because there's not much to do.


More of a party place. Good for drinking, meeting people and having a good time.

The Bahamas.

Atlantis is great because there's nothing you can't do there. It's kind of like Vegas, but better because they have beaches.

Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is crazy. They know how to party out there. They are wild. I can't remember anything from there because I was drunk. I went to the strip club and that was pretty interesting.

Dominican Republic.

I was there last year and the guy next to us in the hotel was shooting a porn. He was getting girls, gorgeous girls, paying them and shooting a porn. It was like, "What the hell?" It was nuts. I watch porn, so I was like let me see . . . (laughing).