The Sexiest 48 Soccer Fans

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    The US Women's team's recent shortcoming in the World Cup may have sparked soccer fever in the country, but around the world it's always been the top sport . . . with arguably the hottest fans. Don't believe it? Well, the lewd minds at <i>XXL</i> have decided to compile some of the best pics of the sexiest soccer fans from around the world, including Brazil, Germany and Sweden. We start off with Paraguayan stunner Larissa Riquelme. Gooooooaaaaaaallll!
  • World-Cup-Swedish
    All of a sudden we have a craving for Swedish fish.
  • Italian-soccer-fan
    Anyone in the mood for Italian? We're ordering.
  • WACA2005
    Lovely. All of them.
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans
    World Cups anyone?
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-7
    Double vision.
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-6
    Viva Italy!
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-5
    Argentina got some badd ones.
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-4
    Those soccer balls are amazing.
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-3
    World Cups or Golden Globes?
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-2
  • The-Sexiest-Soccer-Fans-1
    We like their game faces . . . and everything else.
  • Swedish-Soccer-Fans-2
    Swedish massage anyone?
  • SSF-mexican-girl_world-cup-2006_02
    Viva Mexico!
  • SSF-france
    Fly to France free. We'd like to . . . with her.
  • SSF-brazilian-girl_world-cup
    Brazil has nothing but winners - on and off the field.
  • sexysoccerfans_341125
    They're in love and so are we.
  • sexy_world_cup_fans_11
    The United Kingdom. Emphasis on United.
  • sexy-soccer-fans_80815
    Bevy of blondes.
  • sexy-soccer-fans_80806
    Lady in red reppin' for Spain.
  • sexy-soccer-fans_78190
    Our new girlfriend.
  • sexy-soccer-fans_75897
    German beer anyone? We're more in the mood for milk.
  • sexy-soccer-fans
    Cleavage a plenty.
  • sexy-soccer-fans-1
    Hey cutie.
  • Sexy-Dutch-Fans-Ladies-in-World-Cup-2010
    We'd love to roll up those Dutchies.
  • Portugal-Hot-Football-Female-Fans---SexyPortuguese-Soccer-Girls-4
    God damn, we need to learn Portugese
  • pic010
    She's smiling at us. At least we wish.
  • ph3
    Looks like those might pop out. Please!
  • Pamela-Diaz-600x886
    Another stunner.
  • mexico-female-chick-holds-flag
    She put on for her city.
  • kh17
    Now what if that flag drops?
  • group-australian-soccer-fans-yellow
    Australian soccer fans in yellow.
  • girls-helmet-graphics
    Tag team back again.
  • girl-in-thong
    Brazil is unreal.
  • Germany-Hot-Football-Female-Fans---Sexy-German-Soccer-Girls-8
    On the edge of her seat.
  • female_world_cup_640_49
    Looks like they're in a pop group. A group we'd like to pop, that is.
  • ecuador
    Ecuadorian sizzler.
  • Dorismar-
    Ooh, that shirt's so tight, it looks like it's painted on.
  • daysi-araujo-irina-grandez-fans-soccer-cosa-peru-sexy-pics
    Punch drunk by boobies.
  • BrazilSoccerCheers
    Brazil, Brazil, Brazil.
  • brazilian-soccer-fan-420x579
    It's got to feel like a nightclub being live in attendance for a Brazilian soccer match. So many chicks.
  • Brazil-Soccer-Girl-1
    We'll go 1-on-1 any day of the week, twice on Sunday.
  • australian-soccer-fans-nude-body-paint
    We're all about nude body paint, especially when edible.
  • argentina-soccer-fans[1]
    Argentinian steak.
  • 150195
    Fire flame, fire flame spitta. She's the business.
  • 6a00d8341bf8f353ef01348559477b970c-800wi
    Hey cutie part two.
  • 1d0b2d5498a2d45cf13f64eeb5edfecec
    We wouldn't be as into the match like she is, if we were sitting next to her.

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  • kj

    xxl!!!! this aint hip hop

  • Juwan

    44 is the best made a nigga get excited

  • killa

    you kj u dont wanna see sexy women? Gay wanna see pics of eminem all day

  • Ch*l*z

    Brazil National Soccer Team Fans runs this sh*t ….sexy all day!!!!

    • zayzkidd

      Who cares about Brazil soccer team? If it’s not football (American) or basketball, it’s not shiit. This is hip hop not opera. But I do wish basketball and football allowed their fans to dress like that in the public.

  • N word

    SOCCER FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s the lamest so called sport in history. Most of the bitches pictured are total uggos. This is exactly the half assed “got nothin’ to do with hip hop whatsoever” bullshit I have now come to expect from XXL. Guessing the L now stands for Lame. I stopped buying the mag years ago. Now I’m done with this bullshit website too. Bye Bye lame ass MUTHAFUCKAS at XXL!!!!!!!!!!!!