The 85 Hottest Bikini Beach Bodies

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    Kim Kardashian pictured on the beach in Miami. Kim took an afternoon stroll with a friend and stopped to throw a football around.<p>Pictured: Kim Kardashian.<b>Ref: SPL101792 200509 EXCLUSIVE</b><br />Picture by: SDFL / Prahl / Splash News<br /></p><p><b>Splash News and Pictures</b><br />Los Angeles: 310-821-2666<br />New York: 212-619-2666<br />London: 870-934-2666<br /><br /></p>
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    With the dog days of summer comes instant relief in the form of hot chicks in bikinis. Here <i>XXL</i> hits y'all with The Hottest 85 Bikini Beach Bodies. We begin with supermodel Jessica White. Not a bad way to start, huh? Take off those sunglasses and enjoy the show.
  • Adriana-Lima
    <b>Adriana Lima</b><p>We could say we're looking Adriana right in the eyes, but we'd be lying.</p>
  • yaris-sanchez
    <b>Yaris Sanchez</b><p>Ooh Yaris, you're killin' em out here.</p>
  • AlessandraAmbrosioBikini
    <b>Alessandra Ambrosio</b><p>This picture is the kind of things dreams are made of.</p>
  • vida-guerra7
    <b>Vida Guerra</b><p>Hey Vida . . . can we get a lick?</p>
  • amber-rose
    <b>Amber Rose</b><p>Good lawd, Amber. Good lawd.</p>
  • VenusWilliams
    <b>Venus Williams</b><p>Hot chocolate.</p>
  • AngelaSimmons
    <b>Angela Simmons</b><p>Looking pretty cute there, Angela.</p>
  • adrienne-bailon-bikini
    <b>Adrienne Bailon</b><p>This <i>little woman</i> is definitely all grown up.</p>
  • Vanessa-Veasley
    <b>Vanessa Veasley</b><p>Flawless victory.</p>
  • AngelinaJolie
    <b>Angelina Jolie</b><p>She could raid our tombs anytime. We'd call that life after death.</p>
  • TyraBanks
    <b>Tyra Banks</b><p>Tyra had one of the meanest bikini bodies in her Sports Illustrated days, didn't she?</p>
  • angellolaluv
    <b>Angel Lola Luv</b><p>This is the kind of Angel we want hovering over our shoulders.</p>
  • Trish-Stratus-10
    <b>Trish Stratus</b><p>The former WWE Diva got it going on.</p>
  • Arianny-Celeste
    <b>Arianny Celeste</b><p>This cutie works with the UFC and we'd love to have an ultimate fight with her . . . in the bedroom that is.</p>
  • teairra-mari-4
    <b>Teairra Mari</b><p>Teairra Mari . . . can you be our girlfriend?</p>
  • Ashley-Logan
    <b>Ashley Logan</b><p>Will you look at that ass? Wow!</p>
  • tahiry-jose
    <b>Tahiry</b><p>Take it all off, Tahiry! </p>
  • bar-refaeli
    <b>Bar Refaeli</b><p>Model Bar Refaeli dated Leonardo DiCaprio, so one could make the case that she sunk the Titanic, right?</p>
  • sunny-monroe
    <b>Sunny Monroe</b><p>The forecast calls for a <i>Sunny</i> day, no chance of rain.</p>
  • Beyonce
    <b>Beyonce</b><p>You ready, B? Let's go get 'em.</p>
  • suelyn_medeiros
    <b>Suelyn Medeiros</b><p>Brazilian bombshell Suelyn.</p>
  • bria-myles
    <b>Bria Myles</b><p>Bria . . . we're in love.</p>
  • stephanie-tejada
    <b>Stephanie Tejada</b><p>Stephanie - the whole innocent, panties sliding down look is working for us.</p>
  • BrittanyDailey
    <b>Brittany Dailey</b><p>This looks welcoming.</p>
  • Stacey_Dash_1
    <b>Stacey Dash</b><p>Ms. Stacey Dash definitely has one of the best bikini beach bodies we've ever seen.</p>
  • Buffiethe-bodies
    <b>Buffie the Body</b><p>That bikini is screaming for mercy.</p>
  • sheneka-adams
  • CameronDash
    <b>Cameron Dash</b><p>Video model and budding actor Cameron Dash isn't related to Stacey Dash, but fly in her own right.</p>
  • serena-williams-bikini-beach-body-03
    <b>Serena Williams</b><p>The backside on Serena has a mind of its own.</p>
  • carmenortega
    <b>Carmen Ortega</b><p>Is that a Super Soaker she's carrying? If so, we'd love to grab that thing and turn it loose on her.</p>
  • selita-ebanks-3
    <b>Selita Ebanks</b><p>Gorgeous Selita.</p>
  • cassie
    <b>Cassie</b><p>Pretty chick. Diddy knows.</p>
  • scarlett-johansson
    <b>Scarlett Johansson</b><p>Is she pulling those up? How about down? Ha!</p>
  • Ciara
    <b>Ciara</b><p>When it comes to bikini beach bodies, the convo may have to start with Ciara. Damn, CicCi!</p>
  • salmahayek01cw5
    <b>Salma Hayek</b><p>One of the most beautiful women walking God's green earth. No doubt about it.</p>
  • claudia-sampedro
    <b>Claudia Sampedro</b><p>Lady in red.</p>
  • Rosario-Dawson
    <b>Rosario Dawson</b><p>Room on that lawnchair for two, Rosario?</p>
  • Coco
    <b>Coco</b><p>If chairs could talk, what would this one say about being suffocated by Coco's ass?</p>
  • rosa-acosta
    <b>Rosa Acosta</b><p>Red-hot Rosa.</p>
  • cubana-lust
    <b>Cubana Lust</b><p>One look at this pic and we understand where the <i>Lust</i> comes from.</p>
  • Rihanna
    <b>Rihanna</b><p>Super sexy, Rihanna. Wow.</p>
  • deelishis
    <b>Deelishis</b><p>Simply <i>Deelishis</i>.</p>
  • raven-athena
    <b>Raven Athena</b><p>Is she hittin' the Dougie? We wouldn't be mad.</p>
  • DemiMoore
    <b>Demi Moore</b><p>She's older than a lot of the other girls on here, but that body is <i>tiiiiight</i>.</p>
  • pamela-anderson
    <b>Pamela Anderson</b><p>Looks like Pam's trying the Matrix move.</p>
  • DeniseRichards
    <b>Denise Richard</b><p>There's no doubting that Denise Richards is one of the baddest White chicks ever.</p>
  • NicoleScherzinger
    <b>Nicole Scherzinger</b><p>Fun in the sun.</p>
  • dollicia
    <b>Dollicia Bryan</b><p>She looks like a tigress on the prowl . . . hopefully for us.</p>
  • mileena_hayes
    <b>Mileena Hayes</b><p>Boy we hope a wave comes over and washes that bikini out to sea. Please.</p>
  • emmaly
    <b>Emmaly Lugo</b><p>We volunteer our services in helping to brush off that sand.</p>
  • metisha-richard
    <b>Metisha Richard</b><p>That bikini body is begging for a spanking.</p>
  • esther-baxter
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>We're willing to put money on her being the hottest chick named Esther in the world. </p>
  • Melyssa_Ford
    <b>Melyssa Ford</b><p>Have you driven a Ford lately? We'd like to.</p>
  • eva_longoria
    <b>Eva Longoria</b><p>Eva . . . you just turned our frown upside down. Shaking our heads at your ex-husband Tony Parker. What an asshole!</p>
  • melanie-brown
    <b>Mel B</b><p>There's hot bikini bodies and then there's Mel B's body. Jeez Louise!</p>
  • FoxxyBrown
    <b>Foxy Brown</b><p>She's a bad mamajamma, just as Foxy as can be.</p>
  • Mariah_Carey
    <b>Mariah Carey</b><p>We see you, Mariah.</p>
  • Gabrielle-Union
    <b>Gabrielle Union</b><p>Who cares if Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat lost in the NBA Finals. D. Wade has a Union with Gabby than a gold ring can never touch.</p>
  • lucy-pinder-2
    <b>Lucy Pinder</b><p>We Love Lucy!</p>
  • Gisele-Bundchen
    <b>Gisele Bundchen</b><p>None of you ain't Gisele, cat walk and imagine.</p>
  • Lil-Kim
    <b>Lil Kim</b><p>The Queen B, huh? Those look like DDs to us.</p>
  • Gloria-Velez
    <b>Gloria Velez</b><p>All oiled up.</p>
  • leila-arcieri
    <b>Leila Arcieri</b><p>Pretty in pink.</p>
  • Halie
    <b>Halie</b><p>Great googly moogly!</p>
  • larissa_riquelme_wanna_swim_by_jotap-d37k6lk
    <b>Larissa Riquelme</b><p>Larissa = one of the flyest women on earth, especially in that bikini. </p>
  • Halle-Berry
    <b>Halle Berry</b><p>Halle Berry, Halle Berry!</p>
  • Lala
    <b>LaLa</b><p>Oooh LaLa. Carmelo Anthony's a lucky guy.</p>
  • HaydenPanettiere
    <b>Hayden Panettiere</b><p>Lovely, Hayden. Just lovely.</p>
  • Kourtney_Kardashian
    <b>Kourtney Kardashian</b><p>Kim K. ain't the only fly Kardashian. Kourtney is proof. </p>
  • Heidi_Klum
    <b>Heidi Klum</b><p>Whatever island she's on . . . we're flying out to meet her.</p>
  • kitoy26
    <b>Ki Toy</b><p>Former video vixen Ki Toy has one of the baddest bodies around.</p>
  • janet_jackson
    <b>Janet Jackson</b><p>Check the abs on Janet, Ms. Jackson cause we're nasty.</p>
  • kimbella
    <b>Kimbella</b><p>A! It's Kimbella!</p>
  • Jennifer-Lopez
    <b>Jennifer Lopez</b><p>Like Eminem once said, "If I have to kick it to any singer in show biz, it'd be Jennifer Lopez." Marc Anthony . . . you messed up.</p>
  • kim-kardashian
    <b>Kim Kardashian</b><p>Kim . . . we love you. Your Top 5 in our books.</p>
  • jesikah-maximus
    <b>Jesikah Maximum</b><p>Pow! Emphasis on the Maximus.</p>
  • keyshia-dior
    <b>Keyshia Dior</b><p>We think Keyshia is thinking naughty things and we like it.</p>
  • jessenia-vice
    <b>Jessenia Vice</b><p>Hmm . . . we wonder what Jessenia's Vice really is . . .</p>
  • kendra-wilkinson
    <b>Kendra Wilkinson</b><p>Kendra . . . we can see through that mesh. But you knew that, right?</p>
  • jessica-biel
    <b>Jessica Biel</b><p>Jessica is one badd chick.</p>
  • kelly_brook_21-normal
    <b>Kelly Brook</b><p>Stunning.</p>
  • KarenJAel
    <b>Karen Jael</b><p>That yoga pose looks way better in a bikini.</p>
  • Jessica_Alba
    <b>Jessica Alba</b><p>Beautiful.</p>
  • Jessica_Aka_Miss_Rabbit
    <b>Jessica aka Miss Rabbit</b><p>That's one lucky rock.</p>

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