The Hottest Eye Candy Pose: The Crawl, Ass Shot or Spread Eagle?

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    For the past few weeks, <i>XXL</i> has been presenting the best Eye Candy poses. We started with the classic Eye Candy Crawl segued to the Ass Shots and lewdly presented the hottest Spread Eagle poses. Well, we're bringing them all back and asking the simple question: What's the hottest Eye Candy pose? Is it the slithery Crawl, the almighty Ass Shot or the unforgiving Spread Eagle? Flip through these flicks and cast your vote.
  • Tahiry
    <b>Tahiry</b><p>Oh Tahiry, you're killin us with that crawl . . . and all that ass.</p>
  • rosa_acosta-60
    <b>Rosa Acosta</b><p>Global warming.</p>
  • metisha-4-600x404
    <b>Metisha</b><p>Searching for a spanking, Metisha?</p>
  • Maliah
    <b>Maliah</b><p>Someone tell Maliah <i>she's</i> on fire!</p>
  • Leila_Arcieri_1
    <b>Leila Arcieri</b><p>So Leila is Jamie Foxx ex girl and we're jealous as hell.</p>
  • Esther_Baxter_blackmen_2008_17
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>Is there a hotter girl named Esther on the planet? We think not.</p>
  • emmaly-lugo-william-cenac-25
    <b>Emmaly Lugo</b><p>Move your body like a snake, ma. Like that.</p>
  • dollicia1_122_844lo
    <b>Dollicia Bryan</b><p>Sure looks like a Doll here.</p>
  • Buffie_Carruth__Buffie_The_Body_8
    <b>Buffie The Body</b><p>That's a whole lot of ass. Jeez Louise!</p>
  • angel_lola_luv-600x400
    <b>Angel Lola Luv</b><p>Face down, ass up.</p>
  • vixens1477-rosa-acosta
    From the Crawl to Ass Shots. Hey Rosa, since your hands are cupping those, can we cup that!?
  • vixens322-dollicia-bryan-1
    <b>Dollicia Bryan</b><p>A large slice of heaven.</p>
  • vida_guerra_pic_5_
    <b>Vida Guerra</b><p>Who cares about planking, when Vida is posing on a plank like that?</p>
  • mesha-seville-frank-hotsauce-24
    <b>Mesha Seville</b><p>Mercy, Mercy Mesha!</p>
  • maliah_michele_01-1024x768
    <b>Maliah</b><p>That ass can be used as a pillow. We swear.</p>
  • kimbella-eye-candy-5
    <b>Kimbella</b><p>Juelz Santana got himself a badd one.</p>
  • keyshia_dior_50
    <b>Keyshia Dior</b><p>Hey Keyshia - killer heels. Eh, who are we kidding? Will ya look at that round beautiful ass!?</p>
  • Esther-Baxter-AllHipHopModels-12
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>If we were Joe Budden, we'd find a way to reconcile with Esther, King Magazine's latest cover girl.</p>
  • buffie_backshot2
    <b>Buffie the Body</b><p>That ass can keep a whole village warm in the winter.</p>
  • 33786_vickyvonjstraightstuntin1_122_440lo
    <b>Vicky Von</b><p>Frozen in time from behind!</p>
  • 600full-tahiry-jose
    <b>Tahiry</b><p>Those boy shorts are tapping out. Tahiry's backside is making them submit.</p>
  • AmberRose
    From the Ass Shot to the spread eagle. Where do we begin in explaining the beauty in this pose? Well, we're beginning with Amber Rose.
  • AngelLolaLove
    <b>Angel Lola Luv</b><p>Too hot for TV.</p>
  • BriaMyles
    <b>Bria Myles </b><p>We'd like to run the Myles in that pink.</p>
  • brittany_dailey
    <b>Brittney Daly </b><p>Sitting pretty, not to mention leggy.</p>
  • Carmen-Ortega-2
    <b>Carmen Ortega </b><p>Where in the world is Carmen Ortega!?</p>
  • Claudia-sampedro
    <b>Claudia Sampedro </b><p>Looks like Claudia's more than comfy with us spying on her in the bedroom.</p>
  • deelishis-poison
    <b>Deelishis </b><p>Deelishis working it all out.</p>
  • hoopz-51
    <b>Hoopz </b><p>The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.</p>
  • jessenia-vice-1
    <b>Jessina Vice </b><p>We'd like to be in that pink room.</p>
  • jesikah_maximus
    <b>Jesikah Maximus </b><p>In your face.</p>
  • jessica_miss_rabbit2
    <b>Jessica Miss Rabbit </b><p>One hot wabbit.</p>
  • ki_toy_johnson_12
    <b>Ki-Toy </b><p>Shawty Lo.</p>
  • lucypinder
    <b>Lucy Pinder </b><p>Nice way to start a flight upstairs.</p>
  • maliah_michel
    <b>Maliah Michel </b><p> Bedroom bully.</p>
  • melyssa_ford
    <b>Melyssa Ford </b><p>What's the spread on Melyssa Ford being one of the hottest eye candy models on earth?</p>
  • mileena_hayes
    <b>Mileena Hayes </b><p>Get low!</p>
  • nicki-minaj1
    <b>Nicki Minaj </b><p>Lick it like a lollipop.</p>
  • yaris-sanchez
    <b>Yaris Sanchez </b><p>Yaris has us watching the throne.</p>
  • raven_athena_41
    <b>Raven Athena </b><p> That's So Raven.</p>
  • rosa_acosta
    <b>Rosa Acosta </b><p>How do you want it?</p>
  • suelyn_medeiros
    <b>Suelyn Medeiros </b><p>Work of art.</p>
  • sunny-monroe
  • vanessa-veasley
    <b>Vanessa Veasley </b><p>Keeping a leg up on the competition and the comp's serious.</p>
  • Wanika
    <b>Wanika </b><p>All laced up and ready to go.</p>


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    i cannot chose between the ass shots and the spread eagle. i having a brain cramp!!!


    who the girl in first ass shot(1st pic also – no name :S)sat on the stool? man she got booty!

  • jeff

    looks like his package fell out , stick back up dude !!!!!!!

  • SexyOrg

    Woohooo.. I want that kind of shot too..