Suzi Q: “Anticipation Turns Me On”

We ain’t as slick as we think we are [Laughs]. On behalf of all fellas, are you single?

I’m complicated. Overall, I would say I’m single, but I do have somebody that I’ve been in an on-and-off again relationship with. But as of this moment, I’m single.

What does a dude have to do to impress you?

I definitely like for a man to be himself around me. Even if he’s nervous, but I know he’s good playing it off or even in a joke. He doesn’t try to cover it up with too much of that egotistical talking. I hate too much of that extra stuff, like when they pull out their money or brag about their car. I like to know a man for who he is. I get impressed more by somebody who is disciplined, responsible, secure of himself and goal-oriented, spiritual. Someone who knows where they’re going, someone who sees the big picture and someone I can learn something from. I like swag and I like somebody who’s street smart and book smart.

What’s an ideal date?

The whole going out to eat is an everyday thing. Going out to the movies is like, you’re staring at the screen for an hour and a half, two hours, so you really don’t get to talk. My thing would be get up and go do something— something active. Maybe get up and go play pool. I think it could get awkward when it’s me and somebody I don’t even know. I like the first date to be a group thing, like I can bring a friend, he can bring a friend.

You’re not shy, though, are you?

I have this thing about men who want to get your number, take you out and think that, ‘Oh, let’s go back to my place and get it on and poppin.’’ I’m not like that. I’m such a spiritual person that it takes a lot more of a spiritual connection to take it there. People are very good at hiding who they really are. You might go on a date with a dude and he may take you out to dinner, but flip out because you didn’t give him a first kiss. I don’t know [Laughs].

Do you believe in the three-date rule, that it takes three dates to get you in the bedroom?

Well, it would definitely take more than three dates. That’s a short time frame for me. Maybe when I was 18 years old that might have flew, but I’m grown now. I don’t put a time limit. It’s whenever you feel comfortable and ready.

If a guy is lucky enough to experience that, how would it be?

[Laughs.] I think it all depends on the moment. Every situation is different. Whenever the moment feels right. You might be out having fun at a concert with your date, drinking, having fun and it might be some wild, wild sex. Or it might be some romantic, sex on the beach. Y’all could be out watching the sunset and it happens.

Suzi, you speaking from experience on both accounts?

The beach, yeah, but not the rock concert. All I know is anticipation is a very good thing. Anticipation turns me on. Anticipation turns men on, but also frustrates them. But all I know is it’s worth it. I don’t think it would be great sex to just say, ‘Here’s the pussy.’ That’s how I feel. I wouldn’t wait a year, but a good three weeks to a month of getting to know that person is what works for me.

We don’t think it would be humanly possible for a dude to wait even one month with you. A dude would drop dead or lose his mind.

[Laughs] I don’t think I could wait a year!

What is your favorite position?

I just recently learned how to have an orgasm riding.

Why recently?

I didn’t think I could. Recently within the past three months, I finally figured it out.

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