Suzi Q: “Anticipation Turns Me On”

She’s been the stunner in videos for the likes of Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Ludacris, The-Dream and Plies. Here, Suzi Q, the half Korean, half Irish firecracker, talks anticipation, sex and turn ons. And the body on Suzi? Good lawd!

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Suzi Q: I’m half Korean and half Irish.

How would you describe your look?

I think I’m exotic. I’m very exotic, very different, not your typical Asian girl.

Why aren’t you the typical Asian girl?

My shape. I’m very hourglassy. Most Asian girls are not very hourglassy, unless they’re mixed with Black.

Yes, your curvy figure definitely sets you apart. What are some other Asian stereotypes that you break?

Of Asianess. Well, I’m not your full-blooded Korean with the real slanted eyes. I’m the Amerasian mix. Some people look at me and they can’t tell what I am. I always get asked, ‘What nationality are you?’ I get crazy people asking me, ‘Are you Vietnamese? Are you Lebanese? Are you Blasian? Are you Mexican?’ I’ve never had anyone say, ‘You’re Korean and White.’ But that’s kind of something you talk about when you meet somebody. America is filled with so many different cultures that it’s an interesting question to know somebody’s background. Some people might get offended, but I don’t know why. We’re in 2011. And this is coming from somebody who’s mixed. I asked somebody yesterday what their nationality is and they got offended. I was like, ‘Really, what type of question is that?’

You have a beautiful body. Is everything real?

I’m going to say yes [Laughs].

Even that ass?

Oh yes, definitely. I used to run track, play basketball, soccer. I’m very athletic. I’ve always been the type to be in the gym.

So all that stuff helps with having a big, round beautiful ass?

It helps a lot. I know White girls down here that have done cheerleading all their lives and they got bubbles. I know girls that work in gyms who have nice toned bodies and a little junk.

Is your ass your favorite part of your body?

My favorite part of my body… I’d say eyes. I always look at my eyes. As a woman, that’s what I always look at when I first look at somebody. But the next thing I look at is their skin complexion, body shape, symmetry, all that stuff.

Well, with all due respect, we can tell you that when dudes look at you, the first thing they see is your eyes!

[Laughs]. I know! It’s really funny because I just graduated with my marketing degree and my first project is a local calendar. I’ve been going around getting sponsor advertisements for the calendar and I’m going to local businesses. Even though I’m dressed covered up, I could still see their eyes kind of wander down and I’m catching them right as I talk to them. I don’t think men notice they’re doing that. They’re really bad at letting their eyes drop down to your mouth or breasts, ass.


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  • Bigplay

    Man I love asian chicks.

  • word

    did xxl jus put a girl on who wasn’t a standard hoe?

    • Dead President

      well going by the tatt just above her pussy, i’d say no homeboy .

  • zayzkidd

    Is that Chuckie with a$$ implants?

  • AC Says 10%

    NASTY…..Bitch Is Dog Food!!

  • kidnothign1

    Daaaaaaaaamn, XXL


    Man what is up with all these bitches with the fat asses on here? A nice ass is cool but some of these bitches asses are waaaaay to big.

  • WTF

    ‘when people ask me about my nationality i say im korean and white’….bitch, since when being white is a nationality

  • Pro

    Man, if it wasn’t for all the intensive airbrushing this bird would be considered a bit over weight and not to pretty either. I like a big ass or a ‘phat’ ass but not a FAT ass

  • siciliankittie


    • Dead President

      u must b as ‘clever’ as a groupie named suzie, its called preference, not hate.

    • BrittRayne

      I agree there is a lot of hating and “preference” going on…it amazes me that you can call a girl a groupie or a hoe just because she is in a video/magazine or has a tattoo above her vagina….but yet you can not name one person that she has had a sexual relationship with…so Mr dead Prez while you were sitting there trying to be a smart ass and say you weren’t hating you were voicing your “preference” if that was the case then why did you call the lady a hoe?(although you didn’t say it directly you insinuated) that is what we call hate…but you must be just as “clever” as the next dumb ass….if the chick is not your swag then why do you feel the need to comment? once again this is what we call hating… the girl is beautiful and you can sit here and talk shit all you want but if the bitch walks bye you will break your neck to look just like the next man and if she gave you a chance you would take it…you’ve probably jacked off to her photo shoot already….hahahahah!

  • Free Speech

    she must think she got away with that, talking bs about how being athletic makes your ass big. Yeah we believe you baby girl, indeed ! All I knows when might this bitch (and I will find her), I now know her weak point, and she will have to prove to me why she would have me believe her ass is real when I know it’s not. There’ll be only one way to settle this matter

  • anutha_level

    look like a cartoon

  • Ch*l*z

    my fav dish

  • suzi

    lol Thanks for the comments guys whether good or bad This interview was fun =) God bless xo Suzi


    Dayuuuuuum lil mama can get it

  • Conspiracy

    The ass debate….really? You kats still on this. What does it matter….real or fake. You sit at your computer and talk shit about her ass and yet you would dive in head first if she let you. Fake asses are everywhere….just like real asses. Now go beat your tiny dick to a Suzi Q picture!

  • Tod

    She bad id hit it

  • hahaha

    I dont know if she still gets down, but she WAS an ESCORT in Fort Walton Beach