Think Amber Rose is the only stunner with the short-cropped hair and the thick sexy body? Well, think again. Video model Nya Lee - most recently seen in the Maybach Music Group's "600 Benz" video, is making waves for her do and curves too. Here Nya talks everything from comparisons to Amber Rose, how rough sex is the best sex and how her ass is perfect. Yeah, this Nya Lee is to check for. - Mike Hennix







XXL: So, where are you from?

Nya Lee: I’m from the Bronx, NY born and raised.

What was your first modeling project?

The first project I did was the Juelz Santana (video), “Homerun.” It was with him and Lil Wayne. I did that about a year and half ago. We shot in Jersey and they didn’t put the video up for a like a whole year after they shot it, but I had hair in that video. That was my first shoot.

Have you done any videos after the “Homerun” video?

Yeah, I did the Jim Jones video, “Everybody Jones.” I got a lot of camera time in that video. A lot of people know me from that one, I also did Oun-P, "What Chu Talkin Bout” with Lloyd Banks and Jadakiss. I also did the Rick Ross “600 Benz” video that just came out, and then I did a underground video for a Reggae artist.

What’s the mindset you have when you go on set?

When I go on set I try to go on set prepared: hair done, well when I had hair, makeup flawless, I try to go on with the best clothes. I have a lady who makes my costumes and different outfits. I try to be very unique so that I can get picked and cast. I try to go in there looking different, unique and fabulous from head to toe.

I hear these casting calls get kinda ugly on the set. Have you seen anything crazy that people do to get extra camera time?

The game got corrupted because of the open casting calls. That why I said in the beginning in the first year and a half, I didn’t take it serious. That first video I did you see the behind the scenes footage and you see there's like a hundred and something girls. You can’t put everybody’s face on camera for a four-minute video. That’s why that video kind of intimidated me because I’m like you know what if it's not set up that I’m gonna be there and have a spot in the video, I don’t wanna do it. So that’s what deterred me from doin it. But now it's getting better. At first when I when I used to go to the shoots they used to be girls lookin a mess and it was just horrible. That’s why I was scared to do it. I was like I can’t do this.

What do you look for in a guy?

As far as physical, I like big arms and a good smile. I have a thing for bald heads. Just like a macho looking man. They don’t have to be Black, Spanish, I don’t care what they are. I just want them to look like a man, a manly man. I love it.