Nell: Bending Like Barbie

Texas born and raised with a Southern twang, Danielle “Nell” got her break modeling for Besty Johnson during San Antonio Fashion Week. Now two years later, this Nigerian and Mexican beauty is posing her way through MTV music videos as today’s modern Barbie doll and setting up a career that she’s dreamed of since she was a kid. But don’t let her exotic looks and model dreams fool you. Nell isn’t your typical silhouette and pretty face to flaunt across a TV screen.

Knowing that modeling may come to an end in the long run, this Texas Hold ‘Em cutie is putting education first as she’s currently working to get BA in Psychology. Brains and beauty isn’t as far fetched as it used to be. —Amber McKynzie

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Photography courtesy of Mark II Shooter and Foto Max

GOV’T NAME: Danielle Olukotun
REPS: Brownsville, TX
AGE: 23
STATS: 38B-28-38
SOCIAL MEDIA: @officialnell

I first started modeling … Two years ago. [There was] a fashion show in San Antonio – it was something small. I had never done anything like that so I just gave it a try. So ever since then I haven’t stopped.

After that I … I started doing a lot of [shows and] signed with Marquee Image Models. Then we did some [shows] for San Antonio FashionWeek [and] I got to do a fashion show for Betsy Johnson and Dillard’s.

I never wore any crazy Besty Johnson apparel but… some other girls had to carry lots of balloons with them and it was so windy and it started raining … [that] was fun.

I’ve always wanted to model ever since… I saw Tyra Banks.

If modeling doesn’t work out… I’m going to school to be a psychologist. I would want to be a therapist and help people.

I was in my first music video with… [Seether]. I saw a casting they had on Craigslist. I’m always trying out for little projects that I see. So I just submitted my photos, and then I realized it was for an MTV video. I was really excited. And it was just really creative. It was cowboys and I was a Barbie, and you know it was very fun.

My dream modeling job would be… To be on the cover of .

The craziest thing I’ve ever been asked to do on-set is… To do body paint.

The only thing I won’t do on-set is… Get completely naked.

If I could date any rapper it would be… Drake. He looks so sophisticated and smart. I like that.

If I could sleep with any rapper it would be… Lil Wayne. I love his music [and] he’s my favorite rapper. I would love to work with him.

My favorite rapper of all time is… Tupac. I love his music and I think his lyrics weren’t just like today [where] all they talk about is the club and all that. He had a message.

My ultimate fantasy is… To have a threesome one day.

If I could have a threesome with any rapper and model it would be… Rihanna and Drake. I love [Rihanna]. She’s beautiful and exotic. [And] Drake is very handsome.

The wildest place I’ve ever had sex is… In the car while driving in the driver’s seat. He was driving and I was on top of him. [Laughs].

My favorite position to do try is… Doggystyle.

My turn-ons are… Big arms, six packs, and athletic bodies.

I’m completely turned off by… [A] cranky attitude and an uneducated man.

I’ve never had a crazy experience in the bedroom because… [They’re] usually outdoors.

Other than Rihanna, I would want the first girl I have sex with to be… Meagan Good.

I will never be a groupie because… At the end of the day they’re just regular people.

  • stereokiller

    I’m completely turned off by… [A] cranky attitude and an educated man….

    i hope thats a typo..cuz u a dumb bitch if thats the case

    • Tre’ Fluency

      Yea, I think it is a typo bro. Because she stated that she would

      get with Drake because he seems smart and sophisticated. I do

      hope it is a typo though.

  • snuk

    haha! turned off by an educated man? society is ruined

  • anutha_level

    bad b!tch

  • Cortez Palmer

    Hey nell hey ma you looking real scrumpious i want you to email me back so we can go out on a date.

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    .. 3-some it is lil lady.. .

  • Nell