Her name is Nastassia Smith and she goes by Nas for short. Here, the Atlanta transplant, originally from New York City, talks worst pick up lines, the perfect date and how she doesn't just have one favorite position . . . she likes them all. Here is model Nastassia Smith in Nas is Like. -Mike Hennix














XXL: You grew up in New York and said you moved down to Atlanta what were the main differences that felt between the up north atmosphere
and down south?

Nastassia Smith: Everything down here was slower. The way that people talked. And there’s a lot different things. A lot of people out there couldn’t walk. If you’re from New York you can walk anywhere you need to go to. Down there I had to get used to everything being so spread out and apart.

How’d you break into the modeling business?

I actually used to work for Disturbing Tha Peace before I interned in college. So, that opened a lot of doors for me working for them and actually just being on campus and school just being around the environment got me into it.

We wouldn’t be doing the fellas justice without asking, what’s the key to your heart?

(Laughing). Basically, making me laugh and being ambitious.

What else do you look for in a guy besides that?

You have to be cute of course. I can’t be walking around with no ugly dude. Basically just being ambitious having goals and making me laugh and just having a good time basically.

Ok, and your turn offs?

My turn offs are those corny lines – Like I hate them. I hate corny little pick up lines. There was a guy who stopped me at the gas station. It was hilarious. He was like, “I wanna see you in my dreams if I cant talk to you.” I was like, I have a boyfriend. He was like, “It’s Ok, I’ll just go home go to sleep and picture you there.” I was just like, That’s the most corniest thing you could ever say to me.

So, what’s the best way to approach you?

Just be yourself. I hate corny dudes. I hate people who try too hard, just be you.