Mizz DR: “I Like to Have Long Sex”

I’m a guy on the street/club. How do I go about approaching you and how do I not go about it?

First of all do not say ‘Ayo ma!’ that’s annoying to me. You say, ‘Excuse me miss.’ You have to excuse yourself, don’t come out the blue like ‘Ayo ma, Ayo ma.’ Sometimes you walk down the street and men don’t know how to talk to you, but they scream names out here and there. I’ll definitely keep it moving down the block. It’s not working.

In the bedroom do you like to take control or do you want you man to take control?

I like to take control.


Cuz I’m like that, I guess it’s just a part of me. When it comes to relationships men can’t always take control, men always have that perception because they’re the man of the house, they should take over, but it’s not always like that.

What’s your favorite position?

I like them all. I like something creative.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex.

On top of the washer machine, it actually felt good.

Where is your sexual fantasy location?

On the beach, I’ve never had sex on the beach.

How important is foreplay to you?

It’s not even that important. Its always good for foreplay, so you have a start to do what you’re about to do.

Do you find other women attractive?

Let me just clear this, I’m not gay, a lesbian bi sexual or none of that but, I will say this they are female that are pretty and I will say they are gorgeous I think every female has the right to tell another female they are pretty. Men don’t know how to tell a female they are pretty or beautiful.

Who’s your female celebrity crush?

I gotta say Amber Rose she got it down packed. She’s pretty.

Rough sex or sensual sex?

Sensual sex, because I like to feel it. I like to have long sex.

Is it better to give or receive sexual wise?

Both, you gotta give to receive.

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  • Da Critic

    I think I’m in Lust! Don’t know her to love her but I would definitely give her all she can handle and then some.
    Great face, body and complexion. And she likes brothas!

  • Z

    she’s fat

  • tank

    You are truly a gorgeous woman, each of your pics is different and very nice

  • Sike

    Beautiful girl… and the waist to hips ratio is crazy on pic #6. Super sexy! She looks like Aaliyah on the last couple of pics, too… especially the last one.

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  • http://xxl.com HawkBoy3300

    I see why dudes grab her after she says no, she is attractive and seem like she knows what she wants….. Pics are two thumbs up for me

  • Dead President

    wsup with the 1st shot.?? lurrve pic #5 tho -


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  • drew

    damn you fuckin sexy

  • nik

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  • phill staron

    call me at 7186075569. why cause i would like to make love with you.

  • http://xxleyecandy phill cayenne

    where do you live mizz dr.

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    i love your buutttt