Mizz Dr, Mizz Dr. Not only is her body mind-blowing, but shawty is pretty smart too. Majoring in radiology with a minor in biology, Mizz DR, the video vixen/model, hollers at XXL about her turn ons, turn offs, how she likes to take control in the bedroom and how good sex on top of a washing machine can feel. - Mike Hennix








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XXL: How did you get the name Mizz DR?

Mizz Dr: I got it from one of the places I used to work at. So, since I’m Dominican she named name me Mizz DR.

What made you want to start modeling?

I was 17, I’m 21 now. There was this friend of mine, she was a model and she was the one who actually found me and then I started working with Kay Slay, and Kay Slay gave me my first magazine cover.

Have you ever done any open castings?

I’ve done commercials, I did one for Mountain Dew. I did videos, Fab’s “Body Ya”, a Red Café video and I did Spanish videos before. I’ve done about 6-8 videos.

What was the craziest thing you’ve seen at one of these castings?

I’ve seen crazy things, but I keep comments to myself.

What is it that you look for in a guy?

I look for a personality. I have this thing for a nice smile, your teeth have to be right, you have to be tall, and I definitely like Black men.

What are your turn offs?

Guys with horrible teeth, I have this phobia of guys with horrible teeth I can’t date a guy with horrible teeth. I can’t do it. Bad breath, his hygene has to be tight. He has to be clean. If a guy has a dirty room his life is a mess.

What’s the craziest thing a guy has done to get your attention or said to you that made you go “What the hell”?

Nothing crazy to this point. Guys will just follow me and ask me for my number like 10 times after I tell them no. They’ll just grab you because guys these days are just rude. But nothing too unusual, I haven’t meet the crazies.

Being beautiful has a lot of perks, what’s one of the perks you find with being beautiful?

Sometimes you do get away with a lot of things being beautiful I guess. Being beautiful is not all that because it can’t get you everywhere. As long as you're smart, there’s a lot of girls who are beautiful that can’t do anything for themselves.

What’s the worst thing about being beautiful?

Everybody wants to fuck you. Everybody has the wrong intentions. Everybody thinks that—When it comes to females everybody has the same perception especially, when it comes to models. We always have this one name ,‘Oh she’s video vixen’ or ‘she’s a hoe’. You know, we’re always like in this little square, but really it’s always like that.

Are you a sucker for romance and romantic things?

I love romantic things and romance, especially because I’m a Pisces. I like all that - romance and cute things here and there.

If you had to pick your favorite body part of yours what would you pick?

I like everything because I’m confident. I like the way I look, and if anyone doesn’t like it too bad. I’m confident in myself and that’s all that matters. Not everyone is going to like me for the way I look.

What’s the key to your heart?

A guy who’s down to earth and humble someone who can make me laugh. Someone I can trust, some one I can call a friend.