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    It's been a nonstop party in Uruguay since its team won the Copa America soccer championship. Wanting to learn more about the Uruguay, <i>XXL</i> did its research and found out that Brazil isn't the only South American country to have a Carnival. Uruguay throws one too. This is likely how a party would look there. Enjoy.
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  • Sha

    Yall better catch up! I’ve been up on these women. Straight vicious!

  • JR

    The one you are showing there in the front in a yellow costume is VIVANE ARAUJO, and she is from Brazil, just like other 3 you showed there! How STUPID…

  • JR

    like half of the women you are showing there are brazilians….hahhah do your research XXL!!

  • Q!thaGreat!

    man! just tell me where this party is! they be grtting it in where ever this is!!! book me a flight and a hotel!

  • Liz



    GETTY IMAGES? C’mon… so unprofessional..

  • that nigga

    XXL Fuckin sucks………..They shoulda kept the format and journalists they had 5 years ago.

  • that nigga, again!

    This site tuned in to: VLAD tv, Media Take Out, TMZ. This is no longer a RAP/HIP HOP site, its ridiculous!!

  • come on son

    Anybody don’t like this is gay, gay, gay. Bitches. what’s there not to like about all these chicks?

  • LaMont

    Very nice! You gotta love latin women they are so exotic and very sexy.