Angela Yee Shows Off Her Legs & Her & $70K Shoe Collection

Looks like radio is paying the big bucks these days because Angela Yee’s shoe collection is fully endowed.

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  • killamanhojoe

    she hot but i think she probably been ran through :/

  • DO803

    ROTFL, Did she piss in the street or pour some out for the homies???

  • Dead President

    ha! i thought the same thing but at 1st was thinking she pissed hahaha

  • ms_spittuh

    Why does every successful female have to be “ran through”? If any of you dudes knew anything, she got her start working for the Wu Tang Clan at the age of 15/16 years old. She got big through hard work not spreading her legs fucking Maino for beats like your favorite Barbie admitted to 3 years ago…GTFOH!!!