Yaris Sanchez: Splitting Time

Yaris Sanchez is walking a fine line. The Dominican beauty, who starred in the Dream’s “Rockin’ That Thang” video featuring Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Ludacris and Rick Ross and did the choreography for Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up” clip, is about to start school for radiology, while still doing photo shoots. “I’m about to start school for radiology and bartending at the same time,” the dimepiece recently told XXL. “I can’t have one foot in and one foot out. You either got to be in it or you don’t. I can’t keep doing photo shoots and expect for me to be under the limelight.” While we here at XXL applaud her decision to be an X-ray technician – she can X-ray us anytime – we hope Yaris, 21, doesn’t make her exit from shoots and videos too soon. Here, the sizzling Eye Candy talks turn-ons, shuts down the dating Joe Budden rumor and speaks about a certain attribute in the bedroom. Yaris, yeah, she be rockin’ that thang.

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XXL: So, you’re originally from New York?

Yaris Sanchez: Yes, Uptown, Dyckman. Growing up in Dyckman, it was a good childhood. There was a lot of men watching me grow up and they see me now and they’re like, “Oh my God.” The area is full of Dominicans.

XXL: A picture hit the net recently with you alongside Joe Budden. What’s the deal between ya’ll two?

Sanchez: Me and him are just cool. The picture . . . me and him were in a room full of people. There was a picture that they cropped of me and him and another girl and they cropped it to make it look like it was just me and him. It’s not like that at all. We’re just cool. He has a lot of female friends. He only hangs with females. People are going to assume otherwise, but no.

XXL: So are you single right now?

Sanchez: Very single.

XXL: We’ve heard you air out your ex Lloyd Banks before on Star & Buc Wild and you’re shooting down the Budden rumor now. Are you opposed to dating another rapper ever again?

Sanchez: Because of bad experiences, I’m kind of off that. I can’t say I wouldn’t ever, but I don’t know, I’m not about that. Even if we get along, there’s a lot that comes with that territory.

XXL: Since you are single, what can a dude do to catch your eye?

Sanchez: Whatever he’s wearing will catch my eye. I like a certain type of style, not too tight. But looks are the first thing you see. I’m not really into handsome, attractive men, but I will notice what he’s wearing. Just his whole swag and everything he’s got going on. That will catch my eye.

XXL: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Sanchez: No, not really. Like a guy with Timbs, cargo pants . . . all that hood stuff, I like.

XXL: So you like a hood dude? That’s the key to Yaris’ heart – if he’s hood, he’s halfway there?

Sanchez: No, that’s not the key to my heart. It’s my weakness (laughing).

XXL: On a completely different note, we understand that you were discovered on Craigslist?

Sanchez: I just replied to a post for the director Paris for the video The Dream “Rockin’ That Thang” with Fabolous and Rick Ross and all of them. I got one of the leading roles on that and that’s where it all started, on Craigslist.

XXL: Wow.

Sanchez: Yeah, I was then one of the five girls that was chosen to do the choreography for “Bottoms Up,” Trey Songz. I sent a YouTube video (see below) as my audition. I enjoyed (the choreography) more than being all in front of the camera because I grew up dancing.

XXL: Fill in the blank: My favorite part of my body is ____ ?

Sanchez: My waist.

XXL: Why your waist?

Sanchez: My waist is right in the middle of everything. (Laughing). It lets everything stand out. I owe it all to my waist.

XXL: What would be an ideal date for you?

Sanchez: Dinner and then either bowling or playing pool. An activity, something fun.

XXL: If the guy is lucky enough to get further with you, how crazy can Yaris Sanchez get in the bedroom?

Sanchez: I think I’m going to leave that to the guy who finds out (laughing). The lucky guy. I’m pretty flexible, on some acrobatic shit. It could get there . . .

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