In honor of 90’s Week, XXL has decided to look back and salute our Top 50 Eye Candy Crushes of the 90’s. Let us be the first ones to tell you guys – when you’re dealing with all-time favorites like Halle Berry, Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly KaPOWski from Saved by the Bell fame), this list wasn’t easy to put together. So many directions to go. Laura Winslow from Family Matters or Denise from the Cosby Show. Nia Long or Garcelle Beauvais? Our office home, 1115 Broadway, was the scene of heated arguments, bruised egos, fist-fights and there was even bloodshed. But in the end, XXL got it done without suffering a fatality. Here’s our Top 50 Eye Candy Crushes of the 90’s. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.


50. Kellie Shanygne Williams

Urkel wasn't the only one Jonesing for Laura Winslow. We had a crush on her too.


49. Elizabeth Berkley

She wouldn't show a sliver of skin on Saved by The Bell, but as soon as she graduated from high school and left that dweeb AC Slater, she showed more skin than a porno. Many of us on staff overlooked the NC-17 rating of Showgirls . . . and we were only 14.


48. Marisa Tomei

Ah Marisa Tomei from My Cousin Vinny fame. We wish she was our cousin . . . kissing cousin.


47. Rose McGowan

We didn't care for Roses till a certain Rose showed up butt-naked on an Awards show.


46. Lucy Lawless

Remember Xena Warrior Princess? Well, we'd battle her in the bedroom anytime.


45. Christina Aguilera

That genie in a bottle sure had all of young fellas rubbing on their lamps.


44. Lauryn Hill

If we knew how fertile Lauryn Hill was back in the day, we would have put our bid in.


43. Kathy Ireland

The forecast in Ireland is always sweltering HOT.


42. Vivica Fox

We still want our date with Vivica and hey, anything's possible if 50 F'd Vivica, right?


41. Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams lost her Ms. America crown for Playboy pictures that she had taken. Ehh . . . anyone have those pics on em?


40. Danielle Fishel

We all watched Boy Meets World to see Topanga.


39. TLC

T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chili - We love a little TLC. Or a lot. Rest in Peace Left-Eye.


38. Tatyana Ali

Hillary Banks was too much of a prissy prude for us to like, but that lil Ashley Banks . . . we grew up with. Emphasis on GREW UP with.


37. Stephanie Seymour

Hey Stephanie . . . we'd like to Sey Mour where that came from!


36. Sade

The Sweetest Taboo was crushing on Sade back in the day.


35. Rosario Dawson

Between her appearance in Kids and He Got Game, we were open.


34. Robin Givens

We hate how she played Mike Tyson, but we still had a thing for that Robin.


33. Posh Spice

Mel B is the hottest Spice Girl, but was a little too weird for us back in the day. But that Posh was right.


32. Nikki Cox

Redhead? Why not.


31. Nicole Eggert

Baywatch beauty. Yeah, she makes the cut.


30. Naomi Campbell

We overlooked the alleged attitude for obvious reasons.


29. Michelle Pfeiffer

She played Catwoman in Batman and we'd love to say Hello to that Kitty.


28. Maia Campbell

We wish this girl was our girlfriend back in the day, but not now.


27. Lela Rochon

The beauty, the brains, the body. We loves it all.


26. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yeah, we're fans.


25. Heidi Klum

This chick never takes a bad picture. Ever.


24. Lark Voohries

Lisa Turtle's fashion game was always on point and she dressed down nicely as well (look at the pic, son!). Boy, we'd love to crawl into that Turtle shell with her.


23. Alyssa Milano

Who's the Boss? Well, we'd let Ms. Milano be our Boss every day of the week, twice on Sunday.


22. Gwen Stefani

Gwen's just a fly package of style, looks and talent. No Doubt.


21. Claudette Ortiz

She got this City High alright with all eyes on her.


20. Foxy Brown

Fox was hot chocolate and we wanted a sip.


19. Lil Kim

Lil Kim hardcore . . . gotta love it.


18. Denise Richards

One of the baddest White women ever? Absolutely.


17. Tisha Campbell

Gina, Martin's girlfriend, on his hit show. We're overlooking the big head - the running joke on Martin - and keeping her high on the list.


16. Demi Moore

Demi Moore in Striptease turned a lot of boys to men, ya dig?


15. Cindy Crawford

One of the original supermodels, Cindy was just on point from head to toe. We weren't mad at that mole either.


14. Garcelle Beauvais

Oh she Fancy, ha? Yes and sexy too.

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"Miss You (Aaliyah Tribute)"

Artist: Aaliyah
Lyrics: "It's been so long and I'm lost without you/What am I gonna do?/Said I've been needing you wanting you/Wondering if you're the same and who's been with you/Is your heart still mine? I want to cry sometimes/I miss you"


12. Toni Braxton

The short hair, curvy figure - tell us what there was not to like about Toni?


11. Carmen Electra

Carmen, Carmen, Carmen. Some say she was hotter than Pam Anderson. What do ya'll think?


10. Stacey Dash

Here's one thing we're not Clueless about - Stacey Dash was badd, then, badder now.


9. Pamela Anderson

Just seeing this picture, we may fake drowning to get mouth-to-mouth. Pam Anderson was never hotter than this.


8. Nia Long

Debbie from Friday? She was soo, soo badd. Still is.


7. Lisa Bonet

The style, personality and that pretty, pretty face - Lisa Bonet as Denise on the Cosby Show stole our hearts. Ask Lenny Kravitz - he'll tell you why she's No. 7 on our list, even if she is his ex!


6. Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez on rollerblades in White Men Can't Jump? That's the thing dreams are made of. She was around the way hot x 10.


5. Tyra Banks

Do you see two beautiful reasons why few could ever see Tyra's Sports Illustrated cover? We do.


4. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo definitely backed her way into our hearts as a Fly Girl on In Living Color and it kept getting better and better.


3. Tiffani Thiessen

Think we're not on our job? We didn't forget about how fly Tiffani Thiessen was. From jumping onto the scene on Saved by the Bell, she put the POW in her character Kelly Kapowski. But we actually preferred when she got a bit thicker on 90210.


2. Janet Jackson

Janet definitely had her run in the 90's in too many ways to count.


1. Halle Berry

The conversation starts and ends with Halle Berry. One can take it way back to Boomerang. The beautiful face, tight body and cool personality. She has it all. Craziest thing? She's still hot as ever. All hail Halle Berry.