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Photography courtesy of Angela Boatwright

Words by Sean A. Malcolm

This is the story of when Laeann Amos met Elease Donovan. “Once I
laid eyes on Elease, I was like, ‘Damn, she’s kind of hot,’” says
Laeann about her cohort in Lil Wayne and Rick Ross’s dark “John
video. “I hope we get to rub on each other.”
Well, they did, and they also got touchy-feely with the Young Money
CEO in director Colin Tilley’s production. And all that earned the two
video-modeling newbies from Miami—Laeann, 27, has only five clips on
her résumé, while 22-year-old Elease now has two—a place in these
pages…together. An honor they relish. “I love the fact that we are
sharing this title, because it’s not very often XXL pairs two beauties
for the Eye Candy title, so it’s more like an honor,” gushes Elease
before her counterpart sums it up. “Elease and I both could’ve nailed
the shoot by ourselves,” Laeann says. “But as you can see, together we
produced a sexy-ass spread.”

XXL: When you were told that you two would be working together for
“John,” what were your reactions?

Elease: My reaction was “Yes.” They only booked two ladies for this
video, versus the usual, quantity over quality. Then when I found out
it was Laeann, I was ecstatic, because even though I didn’t know her,
I knew of her and was a fan.

Laeann: Truthfully, I wasn’t sure whom I would be working with until I
showed up on set.
You guys seem to have good chemistry on camera together. How did that
happen so quickly?

Elease: The chemistry we have now, versus when we were shooting, is
still the same, and it’s growing greater.
Sounds like you two have bonded behind the cameras.

Elease: I see a long-term friendship with her, and I’m glad we met. We
travel together, call each other every day and are always planning
things together. She’s my new BFF.

Laeann: Once we, as women, have chemistry with someone, the chemistry
never dies. Elease is a joy to be around, an absolute treat.
If either of you swung that way, or swung both ways, are each of you
each other’s type?

Laeann: You’re really trying to get a girl-on-girl fantasy, I see. No
comment. Elease can answer that question. [Laughs]
Elease: [Laughs] If I swung that way, Laeann would definitely be my
type. She has all the qualities I would look for in a woman, such as
an amazing body, looks, personality, she’s fun to be with,
adventurous, down to earth and honest. What more could you ask for?
She’s the complete package. ♠

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  • anutha_level

    regular-ass hoes wit ass and decent faces…i can find these types hoes everyday at kroger.

  • DNN

    They are jiggling each other’s milkholders ? Why are they find of jiggling ?

    • DNN

      Meant to say [fond]. That was an honest typo

  • knnd

    i love hoes and sluts

  • antonio

    Eye candy… I think the web candy girls beat these two hands down this month, a major disappointment and what’s up with these bland white studio backdrops every month? Try shooting these two at Walmart or something.

  • da critic

    They both can obviously get it but the thicker one would have to get came in.

  • DJ Dr Doom

    Congratulations you both deserve to be in XXL. Keep up
    Good work.

    Jacsksonville (Duvalllllllllllllllll County) is proud of you Laeann….

    • Laeann

      Yo yo yo what’s up Doom you have be supporting me since day one. You don’t know how much it means to know you are still riding with #TeamLoveLaeannAmos

      Love ya always!

  • tbfanss

    very beautiful women

  • Dead President

    yo i like the 1 on the left she tidy as HELL.

    XXL & XL

    • Laeann

      Hey sweetheart thank you my love.


  • llolya

    they airbrushed the hell out of the fat one

  • lydia.web candy

    Just wanted to show some love,both of you are beautiful black females. keep up the good work..If you have time check out my website

  • freak101

    decent faces, but the body damn. i would fuck the shit out of you. sorry but i have to be real