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    After taking a long look at this sizzling flick of the lovely Dollicia Bryan, it got the Eye Candy braintrust here at <i>XXL</i> thinking that some of our favorite ladies have struck the same pose over the years. On all fours, crawling, ass in the air . . . it's a time-tested, classic pose, what can we say? We scoured files and proved the notion right, finding some of our all-time top Eye Candy such as Angel Lola Luv, Buffie the Body, Esther Baxter, Rosa Acosta and Tahiry all striking one of our favorite poses on earth. So, thank you Dollicia for inspiring the search.
  • Tahiry
    <b>Tahiry</b><p>Nice shoes . . . eh, who are we kidding? Will you look at that ass!</p>
  • rosa_acosta-60
    <b>Rosa Acosta</b><p>We love this pose of Rosa Acosta, but then again, we love every pose of hers. Oooh-wee!</p>
  • metisha-4-600x404
    <b>Metisha Larocca</b><p>We think she's looking back, awaiting a spanking.</p>
  • Maliah
    <b>Maliah Michel</b><p>From our vantage point, it almost looks like she's eavesdropping on the couple downstairs. And if she is, we ain't mad.</p>
  • Leila_Arcieri_1
    <b>Leila Arcieri</b><p>Jamie Foxx counts her as an ex. Lucky bastard.</p>
  • Esther_Baxter_blackmen_2008_17
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>Hey Joe Budden - you really let this go? Oh well, someone else is going to be a happy man.</p>
  • emmaly-lugo-william-cenac-25
    <b>Emmaly Lugo</b><p>Either she's about to do the worm or sweat out that perm.</p>
  • Buffie_Carruth__Buffie_The_Body_8
    <b>Buffie the Body</b><p>Buffie, emphasis on <b>THE BODY</b>.</p>
  • bria
    <b>Bria Myles</b><p>Crouching Tiger, Blatant Ass. Jeezum crow!</p>
  • angel_lola_luv-600x400
    <b>Angel Lola Luv</b><p>We never had something that nice on our coffee table. </p>

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    Rosa Acosta is the sexist Girl in the Hip Hop Community because of her Physical conditioning, flexibility, and strength. She makes all the other girls look regular.

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    Yummy Yummy!!!