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    Last week, we presented the Hottest Eye Candy Crawl photos – our favorite selection of chicks on all fours, crawling, ass in the air. But when talking the best Eye Candy poses, the conversation is incomplete without mentioning the back shot. Ahh, the almighty ass shot. Standing or sitting, the pose is usually done when the Eye Candy glances over her shoulder sorta like the badd Melyssa Ford is doing in this picture for King. (Have you driven a Ford lately?) Just like a sizzling flick of Dollicia Bryan helped inspire an entire Eye Candy crawl gallery, this scorcher of Melyssa helped trigger the Hottest Eye Candy Backshots. Enjoy.
  • vixens1477-rosa-acosta
    <b>Rosa Acosta</b><p>Ever heard the expression kissed by a rose? Well, how about Rosa getting a kiss . . . on that ass. </p>
  • keyshia_dior_50
    <b>Keyshia Dior</b><p>The American Dentist Association recommends flossing every day . . . but we thought they were talking about teeth.</p>
  • vixens322-dollicia-bryan-1
    <b>Dollicia Bryan</b><p>Hey . . . does that thing have pockets?</p>
  • vida_guerra_pic_5_
    <b>Vida Guerra</b><p>We once tried out for Olympic diving, but after seeing this picture of Vida, we just want to lie on the board behind her.</p>
  • buffie_backshot2
    <b>Buffie the Body</b><p>We haven't seen that much junk since watching a Sanford and Son re-run!</p>
  • mesha-seville-frank-hotsauce-24
    <b>Mesha Seville</b><p>In the wise words of Kanye West, "She got an ass that will swallow up a G-string." </p>
  • maliah_michele_01-1024x768
    <b>Maliah</b><p>Maliah - Can you teach our girlfriends how to stretch like that? Jeez Louise!</p>
  • kimbella-eye-candy-5
    <b>Kimbella</b><p>A! That Juelz Santana is one lucky bastard!</p>
  • Esther-Baxter-AllHipHopModels-12
    <b>Esther Baxter</b><p>Hottest chick we know named Esther because you wouldn't want to meet the other Esther we know.</p>
  • 33786_vickyvonjstraightstuntin1_122_440lo
    <b>Vicky Von</b><p>Suddenly we're forgetting how to read Roman Numerals, but who cares?</p>
  • 600full-tahiry-jose
    <b>Tahiry</b><p>The St. Louis Arch ain't got ish on Tahiry's arch. It's a monument if ya ask us.</p>

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    Vicky Von…..omg……


    They all have absolutely gorgeous bangin’ bodies, but it’s ironic that for all the hate he receives, Joe Buddens’ has had meaningful relationships with 2 of the chicks on this list.

    Say what you want about him, but he knows how to pull fine women!

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’11!!

  • Da Critic

    They are all PHENOMENAL but Keyshia Dior is the BEST!!!!!!!!

  • Da Critic

    They are all phenomenal but Keyshia Dior & Vicky Von are The BEST!!!!!
    I’m spraying in both of them like sprinklers.
    my fault, fire hydrant.



  • Fireforreal


  • Dead President

    ooohhhh shIIITTTT.!!

    most dope as hell but something draws me to VV .

  • tbfanss

    she is beautiful! Holy Shnikes!