Sheneka Adams: Red-Carpet Treatment

XXL: Do you have a celebrity crush out there that would definitely make you nervous?

Adams: I tend to be comfortable around people I like, so no, nobody would make me nervous.

XXL: An interview with Sheneka Adams would be incomplete without asking on behalf of the fellas – Are you single?

Adams: Yes, I’m single.

XXL: Ideally, what do you look for in a dude?

Adams: The ideal things for me are conversation. A lot of guys – not all, but some – tend to want to get to know your name and then get into your underwear. Like, where’s the rest of the conversation? You don’t want to get to know me, my life story? How you know I ain’t got Chlamydia? You ain’t even asking me questions. I need someone to just be like, “Who are you, where are you from, what do you like, what do you not like, what do you like to eat, your favorite color?” I like to have conversation and if you can’t have conversation, it’s not going to work.

XXL: So, we know good conversation is one of your turn-ons. What are the rest?

Adams: I definitely like a guy with a great smile. I don’t want somebody to smile and it looks like he went to work with a jackhammer to his teeth. Hygiene is definitely a must. I don’t care if you wear the same shirt three days in a row . . . as long as you smell good, I don’t care. It might sound crazy, but the first thing I look at in a guy is their shoes. If their shoes are dirty, then that says a lot about you. Shoes gotta be clean.

XXL: Any dudes who read this and then meet you are going to have clean shoes now.

Adams: They better or else they’re not going to get no play. Another turn-off for me is I don’t like guys who brag. Bragging about the chicks they slept with and how much money they got and how many cars . . . that’s just like stupid. I don’t care. Keep all that. I also don’t like guys who act like females, meaning they whine a lot, bitch a lot, just like drama queens. I don’t like guys who aren’t into their families as well. Like how are you going to tell me you’re into me, but you don’t even talk to your kids or family?

XXL: What can a dude do to spice things up with you in the bedroom?

Adams: I’m the type of person who won’t have any limits to what I will or won’t do. But I do like a guy who’s into kinky things. Tie me up, choke, slap me around, curse me out. I know it sounds weird, but hey, that’s what I like. Maybe, let’s roleplay, pour chocolate on each other and lick it off, hot wax, honey.

XXL: You like to get creative.

Adams: Yeah, I don’t like the same old, Ok lay down, open your legs, pump, pump, pump and go to sleep. That’s boring. I need some excitement, especially if you’re going to be with someone for a while.

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