Sheneka Adams: Red-Carpet Treatment

We recently found out that Sheneka Adams has ambitions of being a red-carpet reporter, so we put King’s 2011 Web Girl of the Year through some extensive red carpet training. Ms. Adams, we love you.

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XXL: Sheneka, how are you?

Sheneka Adams: I’ve been blogging, lot of photo shoots, working on a book, I’m just busy. I’m just trying to take over the world. I’m working on a book. I have a few offers on the table for a reality show.

XXL: We understand that you want to explore being a red-carpet reporter and interviewer?

Adams: Yes. I haven’t actually done that before, not the red carpet thing. But it’s something I think I can do. The reason why I want to wanted to do this is I watch the red carpet shows – the pre-shows a lot – and I always feel like this is something I can do.

XXL: Oh really? We here at XXL have come up with red carpet prep course for you. Are you game?

Adams: Yeah, I’m ready.

XXL: What are the keys to being a good red carpet interviewer?

Adams: You definitely gotta have confidence in yourself. You can’t be nervous. You can’t be shy. You kind of just have to go for it and be strong. So, definitely confidence.

XXL: Who would you most like to interview on the red carpet if given the opportunity?

Adams: Beyonce . . . I love her. (Laughing). I know I might seem obsessed, but I love her and if I got the opportunity to interview her, that’d make my world.

XXL: What would you ask her?

Adams: How does it feel to be you? Simple questions like what are you wearing and what do you have coming up next? What’s life like? Things like that.

XXL: Who on the red carpet do you think is the flyest dresser?

Adams: Male – I’d have to say Kanye West. His style. When I see him dress, I don’t necessarily see him do what everyone else does. I like when people come with stuff out the box. Female – I’d say Lada Gaga. I like her style just because it’s so different. She’s always fly, no matter whatever she does.

XXL: Who would make you most nervous to interview?

Adams: To be honest, I would be most nervous interviewing Beyonce just because I like her so much. Not that I would be intimidated, I would just be a little nervous. She’s such a superstar and she’s such a woman. I would freak out. I think she would probably make me the most nervous.


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